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  1. I sail out on the carnival Triumph on 9/1/07 and I was wondering if anyone knew about the gym and spa facilities on this ship? Also does anyone remember how crowded it gets at certain times of the day? Thanks for your help!
  2. sjbsd1

    Transfer Port of Miami to FLL Airport

    I have been trying to figure out the same thing, so I have been doing lots of research... I found one place that said they are $17pp they are USA luxury sedans and their number is 3059457540 http://www.usaluxurysedans.net/onlinereservation.php hope that helps!
  3. sjbsd1

    Triumph questions 09/01/07

    Hey danigirl, I did take your advice, I joined the roll call...cant wait till we sail. How many are in your group?
  4. sjbsd1

    hotel from FLL with shuttle ????

    Where can you book this shuttle for $18 pp?? I will be flying into FLL airport around midnight and need to be in miami that morning..
  5. sjbsd1

    Triumph questions 09/01/07

    wow Jay thats some awesome information, thank you for posting that, I really appreciate it. I feel like I can never get enough with these boards. My cruise is still 55 days away but I cant wait and even though I have read so much I'm still really anxious! If you think of any more useful information feel free to let me know! Also anyone going on the sept 1st cruise say hi I would really like to know who I am cruising with! :D Happy sailing everyone!
  6. sjbsd1

    Triumph questions 09/01/07

    Your review was awesome! It was really helpful..I cant wait till my cruise. If you think of anymore great advice or need to know info please send it my way. Thanks!
  7. sjbsd1

    Excursions in Bahamas

    Thank you for your reply, we will probably end up booking through the cruise line, I tend to worry a lot about time and being places on time so it would put my mind at ease to know the ship couldn't leave without us, (what a horrible mess that would be) lol. With that said, do you have any recommendations for excursions? Thank you for your help!:) Sarah
  8. Hi everyone!:) I am going to be sailing on the Triumph out of Miami for my first cruise sept 1st. I am so excited and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for a first time cruiser. Also, if anyone wanted to share their experiences on the triumph, I would love to hear them!:D I have a ton of questions and I am finding them on these boards but I would just love to hear real life stories on my specific ship. Thank you! Sarah:D
  9. This September will be my first time cruising with my boyfriend:D, and after reading all the posts about how much less expensive it is to book through independent companies we want to do that. We just aren't too sure on where to look and all the details. :confused: Our ports are San Juan, grand turk, half moon cay, and St.Thomas. We really are interested in SNUBA and possibly jet skiing. We are open to advice and suggestions as to how, what, and where from all the experienced cruisers out there. :D I really don't know how first time cruisers would cruise without these threads!
  10. sjbsd1

    Grand Turk

    Hello everyone,all your excursions sound like so much fun. I am cruising for the first time in late august and I am starting to try to book my excursions now. Im a little confused and overwhelmed with all the details. I could really use some advice. I've been told not to book through carnival. Does anyone have any advise who to book through and what excursions are the most fun and worth your time? Our stops are half moon cay, grand turk, st. thomas, and san juan. Thank you!