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  1. I have been on over 50 cruises and ADULTS are selfish spoiled brats and save chairs to the point there are no chairs. People will go ashore but leave their "stuff" on chairs all day. I would like to throw their stuff over the side of the ship. I recognized the same stuff on the same chairs day after day. The people would show up after lunch.
  2. I have done both and I have made out MUCH better doing it myself. We had a balcony booked and last week I noticed a mini-suite was only $300 pp more so I called Princess and got the mini-suite for even less than they advertised. I told them I would like an upgrade and 2 days later I got an upgrade notice for the minis-suite in the middle of the deck instead of the sale one on the far end. Last year we went on the 26 day transatlantic and same thing happened. There was a sale and they gave me $1,000pp off what I had booked and gave us $250 OBC as well. Other passengers we spoke with on the cruise did not get any kind of a deal like we did. I had what I thought were good TA's but I have done much better on my own. One cruise we used a TA a good sale came up and I could not get in touch with her until the sale was over. She had her own office. Last cruise we were on the people we ate dinner with paid $900pp for inside cabin we had a balcony for $599. They used BJ's travel for their booking. I watch the cruise line about once a week to see what sales are going on and they have always given me the new price.
  3. lucky99

    Brought wine onboard Star

    We always carry an corkscrew and open it in the cabin. He then takes a glass to the MDR with him and drinks it. No one has ever said anything. Lots of times if we go through a travel agent she will give us a bottle of wine and again, no one has ever charged us. I think the key is opening it in your cabin and taking one glass to dinner. How do they know you weren't at a ship's bar before you came to dinner.
  4. lucky99

    Brought wine onboard Star

    Ruby Princess and we just got home May 25. It was a 26 day TA cruise. They never looked at what we had in our carry on. We each had a 1.5 bottle of wine in our carry ons. He also bought a bottle in almost every port stop and took it through the scanner and up to the cabin I believe those were smaller bottles but it was almost every port stop.
  5. lucky99

    Hot dog question

    If he is afraid to eat the hot dog and no one on the ship can say it does not have pork then why not eat the hamburger instead?
  6. lucky99

    Brought wine onboard Star

    We each put 1.5 in our carryon and no one stopped us. I believe the people scanning the luggage are looking for weapons not the size of the bottle of wine you bring. We opened it in our cabin and my DH even took a glass to dinner with him each night and again, no one said anything. Some cruise lines are really nit picky about it. RCL has a "naughty room" where they put suitcases scanned and have booze in them.
  7. lucky99

    Wine and B2B??

    We just went on a 26 day considered BTB TA cruise. First leg ended in Rome and second leg started in Rome. We were allowed 2 bottles of wine when we embarked in Ft. Lauderdale. It was 8 days across the sea. Each port we visited we were allowed a bottle of wine each, if we wanted it, when we got back from an excursion to bring aboard and enjoy in our cabin. We were not allowed 4 bottles at embarkation in Lauderdale. We also did not see wine for sale in any boutique on the ship. They do have wine packages which are expensive to us. I don't drink but DH does like wine. The Ruby Princess has a place in the Piazza that sells wine but we did not frequent that place. I have a cork screw in my luggage. Some people we spoke with also put a bottle of wine each in their checked luggage. I would not do that as I don't like wine colored clothes if it should break.
  8. lucky99

    Dress code for MDR

    I think people pose this question every couple of weeks to stir things up. Cruising years ago isn't cruise today. People are more casual. It is a long time since I have been in any restaurant that people are dressed like say 20 years ago. I personally don't think jeans $300 a pair or $20 a pair are smart anything. Having said that if the cruise lines are allowing it that is the end of it. I just came home from a 26 day cruise. I not only saw jeans in the MDR but tee shirts with advertisements on them. No one said anything to anyone. I don't care what others have on. When someone says smart casual to me I dress in slacks and a sweater. If my table mate thinks his jammies are smart casual fine with me. And I think it is coming to that. 2 years ago on RCL Allure of the seas 3 young ladies (20's) came into the MDR in halter tops and shorts up to the crack in their butts. No one stopped them. I looked at the head waiter and said you allow that? He said we can't stop them. I think the cruise lines are so desperate to fill cabins because there are just way too many cabins to fill they don't care what you wear to the MDR. Just get yourselves on the ship and start spending money in the casino and for booze. I think to be fair to people who have weight restrictions on airplanes the cruise industry should just say we don't care what you wear so people don't have to pack anything other than what they are comfortable wearing.
  9. lucky99

    Princess Excursion - Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

    It was very narrow roads but we had a regular sized tour bus which worked out just fine. There were no problems with on coming cars and the bus sharing the road. With the bus you are up higher than the cars and can see much better. Also we had a very fluent English speaking tour guide that was very knowledgeable about the entire area and pointed out things I would have missed. I would choose the tour bus over driving it myself because whoever is driving can't pay attention to the sights because they are driving winding roads. Being up high was a plus because of seeing over the top of stuff. No one got car sick on the bus and my travel friend normally has a tendency to get sick on buses. He was fine. If you get a private tour company understand that the ship will not wait for you if you break down or are late coming back to the ship. If you are on one of their tours they will wait for you.
  10. lucky99

    Princess Excursion - Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

    There was no menu and I can't remember what everyone else had as I have a special diet issue so I ate different. I can only remember everyone else had a baked noodle with spaghetti sauce beginning but even DH can't remember the rest. He did say it was good. They served wine along with the meal. No one complained I do remember that part. Have your husband tell them he has food issues and can only eat chicken or something and they will do it for you. It was a very nice lunch and a wonderful tour. The roads are VERY narrow and the views are exceptional. I am glad I went.
  11. lucky99

    Princess Excursion - Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

    We just got back from a TA and did the Sorrento..Amalfi coast tour with the cruise line. It is amazing views. We had a lunch (included in the tour) along the way in a very nice hotel. The views were amazing. Sit on the right hand side of the bus (right hand if you are sitting on the bus and looking forward) and you will have beautiful scenery all the way. I also took many pictures from the bus windows that came out very good. They took us to several shopping spots along the way. One of the ships tours that was actually worth the money we spent.
  12. lucky99

    Dress Code....

    We went on the Allure about 2 months ago. There is no dress code on that ship. I asked about it and as I was 3 girls in their 20's were walking in the dining room in shorts up to their butts and tank tops on. No one said a word to them. I got a response from one of the head waiters that they are not going to stop people from coming in the dining room no matter what they have on. Formal night as long as it is long pants its good. So it is B & B dress code....cover your butt and your boobs and you are in. So I say to anyone taking a plane to the Allure pack no formal wear as that uses up your pounds limit. Pack all casual clothes. It's like going on Carnavel.
  13. lucky99

    Central Park Balcony Rooms?

    We just returned from a Central Park Balcony on Allure. Would never do it again. Thought it would be quiet but was not during the day with pool music, plus you are looking at other balconies which had many, many clothes drying on them and luggage on them. At one point it looked like an apartment complex there were so many clothes drying. Not just bathing suits but shirts, underwear, you name it. At night it was quiet but again you had to have your curtains drawn completely if you had the lights on. An ocean view is much better.
  14. Just got off the Allure, they allow just about anything in the dining room so dress as you wish. They state no shorts in dining room but saw shorts every night except formal which I saw jeans and tee shirts. One night 3 girls around 19 came in with up to your butt shorts and were not sent away. RCL is like Carnival now, anything goes.
  15. I think you have hit the nail on the head. RCL has lowered their standards to Carnival. They have those two big 5,400 passenger ships to fill plus others they have so they aren't going to "rock the boat" so to speak. They want people period no matter what. RCL needs to lower their prices a bit. I sail Holland which is more refined cruise line for a lot less.