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  1. Hi Carol. Posted the info regarding Living Waters Group on NA on 17-24 March being cancelled, but you may have missed it. Here is a link: http://www.livingwaterscruise.com/
  2. Nieuw Amsterdam 17th to 24th March 2018: Just a 'heads up'. I Googled Living Waters Inspiration Cruises Group and it looks like it has been cancelled.
  3. wishful thinking

    Is It Too Late To Do a Cruise Review ?

    Another vote for your review. You always make me smile :)
  4. 16 weeks today until I board Nieuw Amsterdam. It'll go quick - right?
  5. wishful thinking

    Very Bad HAL Maintenance.....or is it just me?

    I re-christened it Rottendam last March! Never again for me on this Dam ship. So many leaks, including my stateroom. And the stench at the Seaview Bar was unbearable due to blocked drainage.
  6. wishful thinking

    mini fridge

    Hi. So does this mean that Nieuw Amsterdam, Category E (ocean view) will have a mini fridge? Thank you.
  7. wishful thinking

    Cost of a Wang Wang?

    I recall them being banned a couple of years ago. Maybe the bartenders were a little heavy handed with their measures - lol!
  8. Hi Sail. So sorry you're having to go through this. Please keep trying as I know the decision to sail again has been a long time coming. Keep us posted, and good luck my friend :)
  9. wishful thinking

    Water Taxi

    Thank you :)
  10. wishful thinking

    Water Taxi

    Just what I've been looking for. Do the water taxis accept USD? Is beach nice? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. wishful thinking

    Flying From The Uk

    I've flown from LHR to MIA many times, using BA (direct flight). Have always pre-booked transport to collect me at MIA and take me to hotel in FLL. It's around 40-50 mins so not too bad. As others have said, it's always nice to arrive a couple of days before the cruise. Gives time to have a relaxing day and acclimatise to time change before boarding your ship. Whatever way you choose, have fun!
  12. Had a feeling this would happen starting January 2017. Booked the Rotterdam for next March whilst on board Oosterdam March this year. So happy I decided to go with an oceanview with this in mind. Has saved me $$$$$$$$$$$$'s. Now finally, this thread can be put to bed. R.I.P.
  13. wishful thinking


    [quote name='jabcruiser']I agree that the quality depends on the ship from our experience during 3 HAL cruises the past year or do. During our last cruise on Westerdam in Feb we did think the BB King Blues band wasn't nearly as good as previous two voyages on Noordam and Oosterdam. BUT, still better than any other entertainment on the ship, and they did get better as week went along(maybe we just got used to them). Our practice is to attend BB King Blues club most evenings as the other entertainment doesn't appeal to us in the least. We are recently retired "Baby Boomers" and this is the music we grew up on and enjoy. Such a great alternative from showroom song and dance, piano bar, etc. Usually try to attend comedian shows when they have them, but the last one we went to was so AWFUL don't even know if will do that again. Each to their own. BTW if you happen to get Darryl Stanley as lead male singer/band leader you should consider yourself VERY VERY LUCKY. He makes sure the shows are top notch and we consider ourselves so lucky to have enjoyed his performances in the BB King bands on Noordam and Oosterdam. Lead female, Tempest, on Noordam in March 2015 was also outstanding. What a voice and range! The BB King Blues Club bands are one of our primary reasons for being HAL loyalists now. Booked on Nov 2016 Zuiderdam cruise so sure hope the band is good. Jane[/QUOTE] Agree that if Darryl and/or Tempest are on board it will be amazing! Have met quite a few of the members of BB Kings Blues Club bands over the past 4 years, and we still remain great friends. And FYI Tempest is currently on Rotterdam, along with Kickman Teddy and MoDanger. Oh yessssss! Sure hoping they are on board for my cruise next year on Rotterdam.
  14. wishful thinking

    Early to Bed Confession

    [quote name='RuthC'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I love the way you put how I feel. The early bird may catch the worm, but I have no need for worms, so no reason to get up early. I make it to breakfast just as they are closing Lido down. On a HAL ship I am just finishing dinner about 10:00 PM. Then, if it's something interesting, off to the show. After that I'm wide awake, and ready for fun! Out of the showroom to find---nothing. Lounges are quiet, as the musicians are on break. Keep going to the next lounge to find---nothing. There was a time the last lounge didn't even open until 11:00 PM! Those were good days, and made me come to love HAL. So, what's a girl to do but give up and head for bed long before midnight. If HAL wants me to spend money, please create an opportunity![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] Oh I'm sooo with you on this Ruth! Luckily for me though I really enjoy BB Kings so they keep me entertained most evenings. Also luckily for me, during the last 4 cruises on HAL I've met some wonderful people who are like minded, and we all end up at the Seaview Bar until the early hours - lol. I remember a couple of years ago we had to beg, yes BEG, the bartender to stay open past 11pm. And I guess you'd put me in the 'geezer' class because of age, but there's still life in this old gal yet - lol!