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  1. Just caught up to your wonderful posts. I am wondering if the Alfredo you had for a guide was Alfredo Mercedes? We have used him several times for sites around Trujillo, if so you really lucked out.
  2. So glad to see him posting again. rafinmd it was posted in blog on this world cruise that Captain Johnathan would be doing next years world cruise. Great for those of us who are signed up for it.
  3. Thanks for the great information. We will be able to pick up supplies that we aren't bringing from home as we will have 40 plus days to go. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, Just wondering what to do in PV on Easter Sunday? Will anything be open? Even Sam'sClub or Walmart? What about the mall across the street? Do the local buses run that day? Any help would be most welcomed.
  5. In Barcelona the lines at security are oft times long. Everyone waits in the same security line, which off times extends outside the terminal. Once through security and upstairs you go to the far end of the terminal to board, while new pax check in at the counters. .
  6. Thanks, but I already tried this and was placed on hold for at least 10 minutes. I was trying to speed up the process.
  7. Does anyone know if the Crowne Plaza San Pedro still have a free shuttle to the port? How often do they run? Thanks
  8. Don't be to hard on pax with unusual gala attire. We flow in one day before a cruise, and the airline did misplace our cases, yes, both of them. We did not get them until we returned home. Upset by this we couldn't dine as we want too. HAL knew of our problem, their air, and they said it was okay to go to the dinning room as they would be informed of our problem. HAL washed our clothes every day and returned them to us. We had two outfits. It made for quite the experience. Our cases did travel Europe, but not where we were at the time. It makes for a great story, but a very upsetting experience.
  9. You have to take a shuttle to the port gate. There you will be able to negotiate a price for the round trip. Last year it was 10 usd each ( currency of Ecuador) for the three of us. The taxi took to two stop in Montecristi and waited for us while we purchased hats, and walked in the town. On the way back the driver stopped at a market for us, and drove us around town and finally to the beach area to see the fresh fish markets and restaurants. We also made a stop at an artisan market and back to the port gate. We paid as we left the taxi for the port gates.
  10. Loved your detailed review and pictures. Thank you so much for your time and effort in making this a wonderful review.
  11. Consider going from an earlier port. La Senna ? in Chile if going north, yes you will have to fly back to Santiago or better yet leave from San Martin in Chile transfer to Santiago. . This would give you several extra days to do your trip. Also suggest that you fly back to Lima an historic interesting city to visit., one day ear Airports in Peru can easily fog in including Lima. Use a reliable tour op and ask alt plans if their is trouble. We have done this twice. Leaving the ship three days early gives you six days and much better. If you ship is stopping a Salaverry, it is easy to get air there and then a car service to the port. back from Trujillo, which has a good airport with several flights a day from Lima.
  12. Both Frutillar and Porta Vargas are easy to do by public bus. Since Frutillar is future away, go there first. The bus stops in PV also along the way. Do it on the way back. The bus depot is about 750 meters to the right of the dock where you tender. Look for the name of the city you want to go to and the clock in the front window will also tell you the time the bus will depart. You will need Chile Peso for fare. Give yourself plenty of time to return to port. Also in the port area are are many people with vans selling the same trips as the cruise line for half the price. Outside the gate are taxi drives work on getting price at a reasonable cost. Write it on a piece of paper so that you both agree 2 f=? and sign.
  13. Thank you for your review. We pictures were great and your details were awesome. At times we thought we we along with you on this wonderful journey.
  14. It depends on what you want to pay, it isn't far from fisherman's wharf are, walking distance. HyattEmbarcadero, Hyatt Grand. All are in walking distance to the ship at your pier.
  15. If you can handle your cases you will roll across a large parking space to the terminal, where you can give your large cases to the porters, check in is downstairs, like most check ins. You wait upstairs until group is called, then through security and finally boarding. Safe travels
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