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  1. Which sailing are you on? Mine was 2/7 departure. I heard almost exactly 48 hours from my scheduled “report to check in” time. Good Luck on your bids!
  2. Well--I tried! And Failed! Bid to upgrade from Inside Cabin to Ocean View, Balcony, or Spa Balcony aboard the BreakAway sailing on Feb. 7, 2019. All 3 bids did not win. For those tracking, here is my info. Booked I2 Family Inside using a Casino at Sea Voucher for a Free Inside Cabin. Bid $310 pp for Upgrade to Spa Balcony (bottom of Good) Bid $155 pp for Upgrade to Balcony (Mid Fair) Bid $75 pp for Ocean View (Low Fair) Received my notification at 12:17 pm (with departure 2 days away.) Ship has shown sold out except for Sail Away Insides for 2 days and before that was only very few Haven and Sail Away Mini Suites. Would have loved the upgrades, but will enjoy spending the extra money we didn't spend on them. Already paid for my Thermal Spa Pass and have always said we would try an inside someday since our past cruises have always been ocean view or balcony. Will try the process again on our next cruise but I have driven myself (and everyone around me) crazy checking and rechecking. Trying to get a bargain upgrade is not for the weak!!
  3. Thanks for the great review! We leave on Breakaway on 2/7 and your review just added to my excitement!!
  4. Any successful bids for Breakaway departing February 7th? I have pending bids (for almost a month) but fake-booking shows ship sold out except for Haven which I can't bid on. Still hoping!!🤞🤞🤞🤞
  5. Under this Free 120 minutes free offer is there a way to receive calls?
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