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  1. Which sailing are you on? Mine was 2/7 departure. I heard almost exactly 48 hours from my scheduled “report to check in” time. Good Luck on your bids!
  2. Well--I tried! And Failed! Bid to upgrade from Inside Cabin to Ocean View, Balcony, or Spa Balcony aboard the BreakAway sailing on Feb. 7, 2019. All 3 bids did not win. For those tracking, here is my info. Booked I2 Family Inside using a Casino at Sea Voucher for a Free Inside Cabin. Bid $310 pp for Upgrade to Spa Balcony (bottom of Good) Bid $155 pp for Upgrade to Balcony (Mid Fair) Bid $75 pp for Ocean View (Low Fair) Received my notification at 12:17 pm (with departure 2 days away.) Ship has shown sold out except for Sail Away Insides for 2 days and before that was only very few Haven and Sail Away Mini Suites. Would have loved the upgrades, but will enjoy spending the extra money we didn't spend on them. Already paid for my Thermal Spa Pass and have always said we would try an inside someday since our past cruises have always been ocean view or balcony. Will try the process again on our next cruise but I have driven myself (and everyone around me) crazy checking and rechecking. Trying to get a bargain upgrade is not for the weak!!
  3. Thanks for the great review! We leave on Breakaway on 2/7 and your review just added to my excitement!!
  4. Any successful bids for Breakaway departing February 7th? I have pending bids (for almost a month) but fake-booking shows ship sold out except for Haven which I can't bid on. Still hoping!!🤞🤞🤞🤞
  5. Under this Free 120 minutes free offer is there a way to receive calls?
  6. Does the Sensation affect the embarkation process/location for the Liberty? We depart on 11/23 and so does the Sensation.
  7. We didn't. I received mine at Hollywood Casino's "Escape to Paradise Free Cruise Offer" invitation party on May 2, 2014. My certificate stated "To reserve your cruise, please call 1-888 or your travel agent by July 30, 2014." I booked ours from home on May 9th. We never even were approached or spoke to a Carnival representative at the party. There was 1 or 2 Carnival reps there if you wanted to talk to them and they were looking on laptops, so I guess you could book while there. We were afraid it was gonna be a 2 hour sales gimmick, but there wasn't even a sales pitch given. I guess the Casino just wants you to pick up your stuff and go gamble! We received an envelope with our VIP Cruise Certificate and a 2 page hand-out of Carnival Players Club FAQs. They also gave us a Carnival tote bag with a Carnival Vacation Guide for Cruises through April 2015 in it. Waited in line about 5 minutes, picked up letter and tote, and left. Easy Peasy! And very worth it for us!:)
  8. Me too! We are cruising on the Liberty for a 5 day cruise for Thanksgiving and had just convinced my husband and myself that even though it is a little higher than we usually spend, it was a better option to purchase Cheers and we could try different drinks and not worry about "sticker shock" on the last day when I get my S&S bill. But with this price increase -- and not knowing til we sail!! -- that will change everything. Call me crazy but I try to figure out all my "set" costs and save and pay for them before we leave. Prevents vacation guilt, especially around Holiday time. Now gotta wonder if we will penalized for cruising during a "busy holiday season" of which we already are paying higher cabin rates and now a higher Cheers rate! Carnival again has messed up by confusing the issue! :mad:
  9. Thanks for the info. By the time we drive in (9 1/2 hours) we will just be looking for a clean place to sleep! Plus if we get in early enough, we will probably do a "drive-thru" of Cocoa Beach! :D But I know what you mean about it being kind of depressing. Reminds me of the hotels we have here that are on the outskirts of the beach/casino area. Most are new and nice but they can be considered "away from the action".
  10. This sounds just like the plan I am hoping to do! I even purchased FTTF so we can get onboard, unpack and start the vacation as soon as possible! And I love going to thrift stores. Have a friend that stayed in Cocoa Beach (no cruise) and said she went to one there and it was great. Hoping to find that one too!! Thanks for the reply! :)
  11. Thanks for the reply. I feel alot better about the reservation. The "clean" part is what we are looking for. And the 30 minute drive to the port is actually less than half what we usually have to drive to get to our cruises (except when we sailed out of Miami!) How did the 40% coupon work? I've read that you can't reserve parking at the port when you are using it and that you need other documentation with it to show at the port when parking? Was it a long, complicated process? Did you use FTTF? Thanks again for your help.
  12. We actually have a Stay and Park package booked at the Country Inn and Suites close to the port that I plan on cancelling when I book the Fairfield Inn. My husband prefers to park at port instead of shuttles and for the difference in room rates doesnt make sense to me to stay in Cocoa Beach instead stopping on inbound trip at Titusville. We live on Gulf Coast so staying on beach isnt as much a priority with us. But if we get in to Titusville early enough I am sure we will ride and look at port and Cocoa Beach. As long as drive is easy and not "big city bumper to bumper traffic" a 20 mile commute for sight seeing is shorter than my drive one way to work each day. But still gonna keep an eye out for a rate drop at closer hotel.;) Thanks for the replies and info.
  13. I did check trip advisor and Reviews were really good for what we need -- just a clean place to sleep before the cruise with easy morning commute to port. Breakfast and parking discount were added +'s but still would like to hear reviews if any fellow cruisers had stayed there. Thanks for the reply and confirming the drive.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Good to know turkey will Be a choice. But just for the tradition! Give me the steak or lobster and I will be happier!!
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