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    New Orleans Royal Caribbean Nov 24

    Mardi Gras World is a lot of fun - you see how the floats are made and can walk amoung the floats from prior parades. There is a new Camellia Grill in the quarter (original is in the Garden district) - great food and a fun place to eat with reasonable prices Also ride the streetcar along St. Charles - fun to ride roundtrip and see the homres along the route. The Zoo is also in Aubudon park if you enjoy zoos. the D-Day museum is great if you enjoy history at all.
  2. Moby Dick only takes cash or travelers checks - see their web site for pictures and details. it is a GREAT tour....
  3. jbh7

    Moby dick's stingray adventure????

    Great line! LOL!! :D
  4. jbh7

    Moby dick's stingray adventure????

    there is NO reason to be nervous. in fact on the trip they address the Steve Irwin accident. the stingers are NOT poisenous. where Irwin made the mistake was pulling the stinger out and that is why he bled to death, not from the stinger itself. if fact one of the crew actually held up the tail and showed us the stinger. Plus Irwin was in the wild - these rays are so calm as they are use to people and being fed they actually let you hold them and pet them. we loved the Moby Dick tour - me, DH and 2 teenagers. he can go and if not comfortable just stay on the boat when you go to the sandbar. plus the snorkeling by the reef was awesome - I actually saw a sting ray swimming past us under water and it just ignored us.
  5. jbh7

    Stingray City, Grand Cayman

    Moby Dick tours is the best! also check out the Grand Cayman boards under the Ports of Call. Click on Caribbean and then the Grand Cayman board. they have a lot of great info on the stingray tours.
  6. jbh7

    A Day in Seattle

    recommend you post your question on the 'west coast departures' board - there are some great Seattle experts over there..
  7. jbh7

    Spa deals......

    When we cruised in June they also offered a discount on the 8 AM appointment as an 'early bird special'.
  8. jbh7

    One or two rooms with teens

    Just cruised with a 14 and 18 year old in one cabin - last time we'll do that! Next time we will have an outside cabin and put the teens across the hall in an inside cabin. you are basically putting 4 adult size bodies in a small cabin with limited closet space and one bathroom.
  9. [quote name='Maria&Roberto']No I don't. House fire lady had no insurance and was member here,and she got something when had to cancel,so that is what I want. Maria[/quote] If I remember that posting correctly about the fire - it was a daughter who lost her mother in a house fire days before they were ready to sail. She was trying to get help in her options w/Carnival due to the tragedy that had occurred and she had not bought insurance. she was not getting her cruise paid for because she was a member of Cruise Critic. Being a member of Cruise Critic does not cover the cost of your cruise if you are unable to make the trip.
  10. jbh7

    Shore Excursions with Teens

    Just got back from GC with 14 and 18 yr old. they LOVED the snorkeling and stingrays - said it was the 'coolest thing ever'. we went with Moby Dick tours if you at least want to take a look. have fun!
  11. jbh7

    tea time

    My husband was happy to attend with me. they served tea, had a few types of desserts/cakes, and salmon and cucumber sandwiches. made for a nice quiet afternoon snack.
  12. jbh7


    agree with above on Moby Dick tours - they were great! and their boat also has a cover on it so you don't have to be out in the sun the entire excursion. Mark and his crew get in the water with you and hold the stingrays for you to touch and hold. And they are happy to drop you off at the beach or a restaurant on the way back into town.
  13. jbh7


    [quote name='WEELYNCRUZER']Tanzanite or Cuban cigars. Jamaican coffee[/quote] be careful about the Cuban cigars - they aren't supposed to be brought into the U.S. and can get confiscated[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
  14. Port of Galveston also has parking. it is down the street a bit and across from the terminal. they have shuttles that run you from lot to terminal. We prepaid the parking.. On item to note though - we arrived at the terminal around 10AM on our day of sailing but when DH went to park the car they didn't open for new cars until 10:30. so he did have to wait a bit. However, since he was early in line he was able to get on of the few covered parking spots (an extra $10). when we left the ship a week later, they had 6 or 7 shuttles waiting to take us back to the parking lot, and they dropped each one of us off right next to our car.. would use them again. was quick and easy http://www.portofgalveston.com/
  15. we were on Carnival and docked in Montego Bay. we were picked up at the terminal and it took maybe 15 to 20 minutes to get there. it was a pretty drive and the bus driver was great. given all the hassle we had with disembarkation, I would recommend going with Carnival in Jamaica. I believe they have separate excursions for Mo Bay vs. Ocho Rios. I have read that tubing is on different rivers depending which port you go into. if you go to Grand Cayman - be sure to check out Moby Dick for stingray tours if you thinking of it. you can find the web site easily thru google. let me know if any other questions.