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  1. $599/$699/$799 for the 3 plans. I am using the middle “Surf” plan which is allowing me to do everything I want so far Glen
  2. On the GWV that sailed yesterday, about a week before sailing they added prepaid full voyage packages for the 3 plans
  3. It is significantly less than I was expecting. I recently retired so I don’t have to worry about keeping in touch for work but I plan to have internet so I can upload pictures for family & friends to view and keep an eye on financial and home status Glen
  4. For the GWV it is $599/$699/$799 for the full voyage Glen
  5. I have looked for but have not seen any prepaid Internet options. I am guessing that because of the 3 triers now it would be difficult to to keep things straight. The old minutes plans made it easy for them to pre-sell. I have bought some shipboard credit to prepay some of the internet cost for our upcoming GWV leaving on Jan 22. Glen
  6. Our daughter is over 6 ft tall and she has used the sofa beds on 6 HAL cruises with no major complaints Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I also want to thank all the bloggers for their efforts. I have followed some of the blogs in the past, mostly for the pictures. but this year, I have read every word of all the posts because DW and I will be on next year's World Cruise and we looked for tips to help use plan and prepare for our adventure. Glen and Kathy
  8. They have deck plans for before and after May 2018 in the ONBOARD section of the HAL website. The biggest changes I see are that there will be 21 - Lanai stateroms midship on Lower Promenande and the main theater - Queens Lounge will be renamed to The Mainstage. I don't see any other significant palyout changes that shop up in the deck plan We have been on her for a 2 week Alaska cruise and are seriously considering the 2019 WC. Glen
  9. On Deck 10 just behind the Bridge is a secluded little area out of the wind/rain/sun with a bench to sit on - perfect to watch the world go by. You get to it from Desk 9 front outer deck.
  10. I have been on the Ryndam twice - Norway (the 2 years ago) and Alaska and was able to go out on bow almost anytime I wanted to (except once, I remember when it was very windy). Sometimes I had to look for which door was open.
  11. It says on the Luggage tag that is doesn't need to be printed in color
  12. Thanks for the review so far and look forward to your remaining posts. We will be sailing on the Valor in 3 weeks:).
  13. I came back with about 5300 on 2 week Alaska cruise a couple of years ago and 3700 on our 2 week Norwegian cruises last year.
  14. Sorry to hi-jack this thread but my problem is similar with Carnival check-in. I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA with permanent resident alien (green card) that does not have an expiry date (all the newer ones do but my one that was issued in 1985 is still valid). When I try checking in for our May 4 Valor cruise from San Juan, when prompted for permanent resident card info, it wants an expiry date which I don't have and cannot continue. When I called Carnival to see it they could help, they said there was northing they could do. Our other cruises have been on HAL and I have not had this issue before. Guess I will be taking longer to get through check-in at the port:mad:.
  15. Actually, there is a problem with the Carnival Website for SOME cruises - for example we are on the May 4, 2014 (34 days out:)) sailing on the Valor out of San Juan and there are no excursions available :mad: for a large number of people. Carnival has bee contacted a number of times and so far, they have not been able to fix the problem.
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