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    Beach Suggestions

    My family will be in St. Maartin for the first time Oct 3rd. We would like to go to the beach in the morning, back on the ship for lunch, and then shopping in the afternoon. I have a 4 and 6 year old, and parents in their late 60's. I am looking for a quiet scenic beach (would love to do Orient but don't want to explain bathing suit optional to the kids). I would love to hear your suggestions and any ideas for the day? Also if anyone knows the cost that would be great too! Thanks
  2. emiren

    Attn: Glory Cruisers

    Thanks for the offer! We leave Sept 29th and would love a copy of the capers and any other insights you have to offer about the ship, ports, food, etc. We are doing an Eastern, where are you headed?
  3. emiren

    Passport update

    [quote name='TropicalisRex']I applied at the end of April. Mine is still not here. It is also in NH. :mad: I talked to a very nice representative the other night on the phone and she also can only "gently remind" and not anything else until two weeks before my trip... when they will expedite it. Well, I bought it to go on this cruise, so I'm not real happy about it. But oh, well. Hoping that it is just the next one down in the pile on someone's desk...[/quote] [FONT=Arial]I applied in late April for my dds and still have not received them. I did get an email about two weeks ago saying that I can expect them in 10-12 weeks from the time they are received- it's been over 15 weeks! I finally called today, and supposedly it is in the mail or should be mailed out soon. Also from NH. [/FONT]
  4. We booked two 6A guarantees for my parents and my family of 4. We were assigned these 6Bs today, so a little upgrade - just happy to be on vacation- but curious if anyone has been in these rooms before. Can't really complained because I knew the risk I was taking booking guarantees but a little worry about my parents room, 1004. Beds can't be made into a king one, odd shaped rooms. Would appreciate any insights about the rooms or the Glory. Thanks.
  5. emiren

    Glory 6/23 Review...w/pics

    [quote name='Howdy777']Emiren, you asked about Godfrey's tours on addicted to cruising's review...as I hope you saw his picture and read my review, he was great. You won't be disappointed. Plus, you don't have to pay in advance. Have a marvelous cruise. If you like seafood, try the fish and chips bar upstairs in the Red Sail.[/quote] I am definitely a foodie so I will be sure to have the fish and chips. Anything else on the menu that I should not miss out on? Love that your review has so many pics - it really does help those who are waiting to cruise.
  6. emiren

    Glory Review..just back from eastern itenerary.

    [quote name='addicted to cruising']Hopefully your girls will want to do Campcarnival...I saw the kids doing some really fun stuff. There is also some library time where there are games you can play, not sure what they had but its a nice way to spend a few hrs as a family. You must introduce them to the ice cream machines...this is the one week of there life where ice cream is unlimited!!! Have you picked your excursions yet?[/quote] My parents will also be going on this trip so hopefully between all of us and campcarnival, we'll keep them busy. I'm excited as it is thier first, my parents' first, our third (both with RC but that was a long time ago before kids were ever even in the picture). Been to Nassau before so not really too excited about that. Will probably go over to Alantis since the folks have not seen it yet. In St Thomas, we are doing the Godfrey tour but we get in so late so will only have an hour of shopping - not sure that will be enough - but that is only a priority for me so I may have to make due with that. Want to go to Magen's Bay - any advice? Don't have any plans yet for St M. but maybe Little Divi and lots of shopping to make up for St Thomas. I heard the shopping is just as good there. Any suggestions that you can give would be greatly appreciated! Really am enjoying your reviews and its insights.
  7. emiren

    Glory Review..just back from eastern itenerary.

    Great review! We will be doing the eastern itern. too with our 4 and 6 year old daughters so very interested in all you have to say.
  8. emiren

    Glory 6/23 Review...w/pics

    [FONT=Arial]Absolutely loved your review! Can't wait for our cruise on Sept 29. Thanks. [/FONT]