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  1. Did preorder, the waiters still gave me the wrong dishes. You need to really look it over before eating it. The four times were preordered and in the diningroom.
  2. We just returned from our Cruise on the Epic and unfortunately had a difficult time. The Waiter in charge of taking your orders the night before and helping with allergies, was awesome! The regular Staff on the other hand need training and a better system of delivering. The kitchen does its job but the staff doesn't quite get it. Four times I was served regular food. Not cool. Some even tried to reassure me it was correct. The Allergy Waiter tries his best but is in charge of all the restaurants. Dessert was slim pickings. Was served flourless chocolate cake, crème Brule, fruit or ice cream. After asking several times they agreed to make cheese cake (which I love, and was brought every meal) It was a 16 day cruise, so was disappointed with the lack of variety. The only gluten free bread product was sliced bread and a hamburger bun. No muffins. They had thin toaster waffles, which lacked in taste. So easy to to do much better. Main meals were good, when preordered. Selection in the Buffet was very limited. If sailing on this ship may want to bring some treats for yourself.
  3. Going Epic in a couple weeks and are thinking of going to the Steak House one night. We don't want a package deal. What would it cost for one night per person??
  4. Thanks for the replies. Happy to get some view and fresh air!
  5. We were just assigned 11017. Is this what it will look like I found another picture on the internet and it wasn't like this.
  6. I can live with that, as long as I can see over the lifeboat Thanks
  7. Considering this boat and wondering how obstructed the balconies can get. Will you always have some view, or may a boat totally block it?
  8. Have travelled with Norwegian in the past and they weren't that great with the gluten free, very basic. Do they have a designated cooking area?
  9. Talked to Jover this morning again. The ship goes into dry doc next September 2020 for takeover in December 2020. They continue removing cabin carpets but will not be replacing furnishings until dry dock next year. So no info on what they will be having for room chairs.They are renaming the ship then as well. Next summer the Golden will be doing Alaska but from LA back to LA. They seem to be continually refreshing and doing maintenance, as one would expect. We are happy with the ships condition. Hope that answers some of the questions. Jover goes home in November and does not know where he will be assigned next.
  10. Hi, We have good news. Jover is still on the ship and we are getting incredible service as usual. The ship is in good shape. They are replacing carpets in the rooms, getting ready for the dry dock, to do the switch Weird to think we will not see the Golden again. They will be renaming the ship as well. We did a back to back so still have this week. Enjoying our time on her! Enjoy your cruise!
  11. We board on Saturday, will let you know if he is still there!
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