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  1. bkrickles

    Liberty Sauna/steam rooms?

    It's free, separate and in the gym area. You'll love it
  2. bkrickles

    Thriller Boat

    We booked through cruise line, but I know you can do it on your own and probably save a couple of $. Personally, I prefer to book through cruise line. Either way, the excursion was a blast!
  3. bkrickles

    Labadee, Haiti ?????

    I was in Labadee on 8/27 on the LOS with my wife and 7 year old daughter. I did the Aqua Park with my daughter and she loved it. If I had not done it with her, I think it would have been a problem. There is a tremendous amount of climbing involved and she needed my help boosting her up. Your 11 year old will have no problem and if your 8 year old is a boy, he should also have no problem. It is an hour long and believe me that is long enough. We signed up for 12 noon and built up a good appetite for the bbq. We also did the water slide and I believe my daughter liked that better than the Aqua Park.
  4. bkrickles

    H2O zone on LOS

    My 7 year old daughter was on LOS for 8/25 Western itinerary and she loved the H2O Zone as did I. I think her favorite part was a pool right underneath the H2O sign that had a waterfall. I don't see how any child that age would not love the area and the whole ship for that matter.
  5. bkrickles

    Aft Cabin LOS

    My wife has those pics on her camera. I'll see if I can get them for you this weekend. You'll love the room and the balcony. If Neal is your cabin steward, you'll like him too.
  6. bkrickles

    Aft Cabin LOS

    I sailed LOS last week with wife and 7 year old daughter. We had cabin 1702, which is aft on deck 10 (not corner) and is a d1 cabin. We loved everything about it. The view was great and our balcony was real big with 2 regular chairs and 2 lounge chairs. We were directly under Windjammer and heard nothing. You do a little more walking but believe me you can use the exercise with all the eating. Bottom line is the ship is awsome and you'll have a great time in any room so don't sweat it.
  7. bkrickles

    Chops?! Info and reviews

    Went to Chops last week on Liberty of the Seas with wife and 7 year old daughter. As previously stated, they will allow children at earlier seatings. We had a reservation for 6pm and it was definitely the best meal we had all week. Shrimp cocktail alone is worth $20 (my daughter had that and a 10 oz. filet). I had the veal chop and it was fantastic. The must have item is probably the mud pie (only for chocolate lovers like me). Have that with some vanilla ice cream and you'll know what I'm talking about.
  8. bkrickles

    Thriller Boat

    Sailed Liberty of the Seas 8/25 and was in Grand Cayman on 8/29. Did the Thriller Boat excursion and it was a blast. It's a really fast speed boat that goes around for a while and stops at the beach for 90 minutes. The owner of the boat was great and was very informative about everything Grand Cayman. My 7 year old daughter got to drive the boat and that was probably the highlight of her cruise.
  9. I'm sailing Liberty on 8/25 to the Western itinerary. Does anyone think that I'll likely see very good weather on my trip as it will be coming on the heels of Dean and usually weather turns real good immediately after major storm? I am sympathetic to cruisers this week except my wife is freaking out about our trip. Thanks in advance for any opinions.