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  1. Thanks for the good info - I hadn't thought about the heat. We'll be going to Eastern Caribbean over New Year's so I'm not too sure how warm it'll be. Do you remember which room you had? Was the traffic going into and out of the gym OK?
  2. I'm trying to decide between a balcony stateroom on the Upper deck or the family stateroom on the Spa deck. The balcony is 185 sft whereas the family is 230 sft. with floor to ceiling windows. Wondering if the extra space and/or privacy, quiet is worth giving up the balcony. They're about the same $$. Upper deck has many, many rooms and long hall ways, whereas the spa deck has only 16 rooms - right next to spa/gym and kids club... (we've got a 3 and 5 y/o). Anyone....
  3. I'm trying to plan our family's first cruise over the New Year's Holiday and am soliciting any feedback to help in the decision making! It will be me - mom (35) and my husband (36) and our 2 daughters (5 & 3). We're looking at the following 3 options: 1) Carnival - Triumph 2) Royal Caribean - Freedom of the Seas 3) Princess - Caribbean Princess Has any one been on these criuses recently, can you tell me about the condition of the ships, service, food, atmosphere, etc. We're pretty easy going adaptable people. Would probably spend most of the time with our kids, but might want to use the kids camp options for a day or two to get a break and some quality couple time. We're thinking the less ports the better since we don't want to run them around that much, and that they'd probably enjoy just being on the ship! Maybe hop off for a day at the beach, but not any wild adventurours excursions. After all, you can only do so much with a 3 year old! We like the idea of different activities on the ship like shows, casinos, pools, waterslides that we can do as a family. Also enjoy a good massage at the spa and a nice gym experience. I'm wondering if Royal Caribbean might be a little too advanced for our kid's ages? I can't see them climbingthe rock wall, although that would be fun for us! Any room suggestions? Are the balcony's really worth the extra dough? Are they safe for kids? What about the comfort of the king beds made from 2 twins? Are the upper bunk beds better than roll away since they don't take up floor space? Anything else that might be helpful to know would be great. Thanks in advance for your input! I'm really looking forard to this being a very enjoyable and memorable family experience!
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    Carnival Triumph

    I came across your pics b/c I'm thinking about booking a cruise on this ship over the new Year's holiday and have been doing my research. It will be me and my husband and or daughters (5 and 3). It'll be their first time cruising, my second, but not for 20+ years! I'm definitely 'out of the loop' I've heard mixed reviews on this ship, but the dates and ports seemed to fit. So I'm wondering... what did you think of the quality of this ship? What about the food, service? What deck were your rooms on? We're trying to decide between a balcony room on Verandah, or an oceanview Family room on the Spa deck. Are the king beds that are converted from two twins very comfortable? Did you go to the gym or the spa? How was it? Any experience with Camp Carnival? Anything else that might be helpful? thanks!