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  1. Thanks, everyone, for your input. This has helped me with my suite question. I'm not concerned about the money for shore excursions vs. booking a suite because I have an RCC credit card so I always build up about $1k in OBC and I use this to purchase excursions. While I know that Alaska shore excursions are more expensive, this will help a great deal. Happy cruising everyone! And, again, thanks for all the valuable input.
  2. Thanks, A&L. I appreciate the information. The helicopter ride is stunning! My husband has done multiple Caribbean cruises with me so it's his turn for Alaska. I don't like the cold weather but he deserves this.
  3. Not from Seattle. Sorry I didn't specify my origination port. And I am going with RCC because of future cruise credit which must be used.
  4. Thanks, AlohaLivin. During the time we can go, RCC does not have any smaller ships in Alaska. We will definitely do a balcony (doesn't seem to be a point if you don't!!) Your response does help and I know the Haven is similar to RCC suites only areas.
  5. I searched but cannot find anything on this topic that I need. If you find a thread that has covered this already, please let me know. My husband and I are planning our first cruise to Alaska, looking at Sept. 2021. We have some credit left from our cruise that was cancelled this April. My question relates to the type of cabin. We have booked suites (GS and CL) in the past and love the suite perks. We are looking at a suite for Alaskan cruise (GS or Owner's). Some of the perks (reserved seating at pool, etc) won't really be used on an Alaskan cruise. For those who have cruised in a suite to Alaska, did you feel it was worth it? The balcony for GS and Owner's suite are quite large and feel it would afford some incredible views. We do spend a lot of time on our balcony. We don't drink so we tend to take that money and book suites. So I'm just wondering on Alaska vs. Caribbean, are the suite perks still worth it? Thanks for all of your help.
  6. I finally got everything straightened out. My port fees and taxes are back on my CC; my OBC is correct (I had to call and get that applied as you cannot do that yourself) AND my FCC is CORRECT!!!! That was the biggie for me. I am not going to apply my FCC until the last minute that I can. My cruise fare went down $700 last week so I called and got the re-priced. Holding off on paying in case it goes down again. I will still have about $3200 FCC remaining. My understanding, though, is I book another cruise I cannot apply FCC to that one until I finish my sailing for my November cruise. Is that correct?
  7. So May 15, 2020 has come and gone. No FCC correction. I am on hold w/RCC yet again. I did receive my future OBC which I need to apply and I did receive my port fees and taxes to my credit card. My big thing is I would like the FCC corrected or an update from RCC. Come on, guys, this is not rocket science. For a company this massive, communication is the key.
  8. So I just got ahold of someone at RCC (after holding 2 hours last night, 1 hour earlier today and about 30 minutes this time). She was very sweet and apologetic. She acknowledged there was a BIG mistake in the calculations (my granddaughter should not get ANY credit as she was a "Kids Sail Free" promo) and I was shorted $3882. She sent in to her processing team but no idea how long it will take (2 days-2 weeks). I don't really care about that as long as it gets corrected. She did say my purchases and taxes have been processed but they are waiting for accounting to release the funds (in other words, they are trying to hold onto the cash right now). So hang in there and be persistent. You will eventually get through! I did make a suggestion to her: I told her RCC should put something on their website about the mistake so their employees don't get bombarded with phone calls. She agreed.
  9. We originally booked an ATS on Allure for November (because Oasis for April was cancelled). I wanted a Crown Loft Suite but none were available. I watched the website every day and a CLS became available last week. I switched in a heartbeat! Here's why: I was not happy about the loss of a bathroom (we have an 11 YO granddaughter), I wanted the suite only deck so we'd be closer to the Coastal Kitchen and the suite sun deck. And I really wanted to try a 2 story cabin. While I will admit the balcony on ATS is impressive, it just wasn't enough to sell me. We were originally on Deck 14 until I realized how small the balcony was, then we switched to Deck 12. Still, part of the balcony was EXTREMELY narrow. I may try one another time but I just had my heart set on a CLS.
  10. Seems to me if RCC is aware of this issue, they would either A: Put something on their website and/or B: Send a follow up e-mail informing everyone they are aware of this. It would cut down on their calls and our frustration greatly if they would just communicate. I love RCC and prefer them hands down to Norwegian or Carnival (just my personal opinion so please no comments about this!!) but I do expect more communication during a time like this. Again, a quick communication posted on their website would greatly reduce their call volume and people taking it out on the messenger.🥰
  11. I, too, just checked my credit card and I have NO refunds even tho Royal said they have processed a refund for my soda package and shore excursion. But my main concern is how did they calculate the FCC? Obviously, something is wrong.
  12. And I booked directly with Royal, I did not use a TA
  13. I just received my FCC today. VERY SHORT! Explain to me how I spent $6870 for a Crown Loft Suite (and I have the payments to prove it) and only received $1294/pp? Even subtracting the port fees (roughly $150/pp), do the math and it most definitely does NOT add up to 125% FCC. Questioning my loyal to Royal stance now. Been on hold for 2 hours and cannot get through. This is ridiculous.
  14. We were booked on Oasis of the Seas for this Sunday 😩 which, unfortunately, has been cancelled. I had purchased the all digital photo package in my cruise planner for $149 (which is a good deal). I now have some of my OBC back in my acct for our new cruise, Allure of the Seas in Nov 2020. However, when I went to look at the soda package (BTW, $7.49/pp/pd) and the photo package, the digital has disappeared!! Only the all prints package is available which I don't really want. Has anyone had this happen before? Will they at some point offer the all digital package again? Our last two cruises we have purchased the all digital package as I didn't want to lug home all the prints. A bit disappointed in this and hope someone has experience with this.
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