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  1. I DO know that the X80 did not run this past winter, but other than that, I don't know when it does run. I was even having trouble finding a real schedule for it.




    oasa.gr is transportation website plus ametro.gr & tramsa.gr


    I wrote to the bus company and they informed that Bus X80 will stop running after October 31.


    Thank you.

  2. Just booked our first ever Christmas cruise! Super excited!


    Are we allowed to bring on a small fake Christmas tree for our cabin? It's a prelit tabletop.


    What does Celebrity do special for the holidays?




    We brought a small fake tree that lit up for our table and a fake wreath for door and it was fine the one time we did a Christmas Cruise. They did decorate and I remember getting a small gift at turn down. Oh and there was caroling.

  3. Went about 18 months ago to a GTY suite. Was told I could not change except after boarding. Was told that Celebrity considered all same class cabin the same thus no benefit from changing.


    I HAVE successfully change a GTY cabin with my TA when reserved that way. Hmmmm.


    Interesting. I wonder if this is only a suite thing. Though, I have successfully changed suite cabins on a guarantee before.

  4. We have booked Guarantees before. Waited for cabin assignments and then changed within class to better situated cabins when available. It's always been successful.


    Today we were assigned an S1 on our upcoming cruise and they won't let us change. There are plenty of S1s available. My husband called twice not believing the first person. The second person told him no.


    Has something within policy changed? Has anyone successfully changed their assigned cabin within class lately? I am planning on calling them tomorrow once I've thought about it a bit. I don't like to call angry.

  5. So I've been trying to look up a cruise today and it keeps telling me my search returned no results. I've been very general about the searches. Even if I just try to go to the second page of the all cruises page I get the same message. I'm using Mozilla but also tried Explorer and got the same result.


    Anyone else? or just me?

  6. The saying goes "In New England, if you don't like the weather just wait a minute." This is especially true for September.


    September and October are my favorite months. Thinking of September gets me through August on Martha's Vineyard. The bulk of the crowds are gone. The water is warm. The weather is typically nice (unless you know there's a hurricane or something). The fishing is good. You may need a sweater layer when your out on the water. I would get a balcony.

  7. Port Highlights: In Barbados, Husband and I went on a day sail on Silver Moon while everyone else did other things. We had a wonderful time with only 13 guests on the large catamaran. The crew of three were very friendly and accommodating. We snorkeled at two different locations and then had some lunch and beach time at a lovely location. Lunch was delicious and filling with options of fried flying fish or chicken and rice with several side dishes. It was a very laid back nice day.


    In Antigua we all went to the Coconut Beach Club at the Yepton Beach on day passes. Our taxi driver Nikki tried to talk us into somewhere else, but we were happy we stuck to our guns and she returned at three as promised. Our day passes included full use of the facilities, chair, palapa, towels, beverages, and lunch. The people staying there seemed to be mostly French and German and were quite friendly and helpful in suggestions for gathering beach chairs for our large group. Once settled, we enjoyed the day. The sand was soft and white and the hotel seemed to be the only one in the cove. The rest of the beach was quite deserted. There were no hawkers or peddlers except for one friendly lady selling jewelry passively sitting by the beach stairs who left at lunchtime. I am a seaglass gatherer at home and away and was not disappointed in my walk to the other end of the cove and back. Lunch was delicious. The ladies that worked there set us up a large table so we could all sit together. On the way back everyone remarked what a lovely day it was.



    Disembarkation: I had heard about the lines at immigration, but I truly didn’t appreciate them until I saw them. Five of us were heading to the airport together, Husband and I were renting a car for the day from Budget and the other three had a noon time flight. We had a leisurely breakfast in the buffet area and left when the last number in our group had been called. The porter fast lane was truly an amazing thing and we had our luggage and were outside in a taxi in 5-7 minutes. The taxi dropped us first at Budget which was right at the airport right off the main entrance. The people there were very nice, the woman at the counter had run out of maps, but the young man in the booth lent us his as long as we promised to return it. We drove along the beach road out through the Isla Verde section and beyond through small towns past lots of barbecue places starting their fires and prepping for a busy Saturday. The smell was wonderful. There were lots of families spending the day at the beach or just arriving and staking their spots. We headed to the El Yunque Rainforest where we spent a good portion of the day. The ride back was easy and we left time for any issues. Driving into the airport and drop off took two minutes and the bus was there waiting for us to drive us to the terminal.


    Overall we had a lovely time. Too short as usual.


    I had some lovely photos in this review, but my brain is having a hard time wrapping around how to include them at this point.

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