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  1. doglover3

    Wintergarden Tea

    Totally agree. On the Midnight Sun in June, we also enjoyed the afternoon tea a number of times. It was never overly crowded and we were able to relax over our individually chosen teas and tier of treats. The service was wonderful and we too would hate to see them switch to a buffet. Maybe it depends on your itinerary and the day. We did not try to go on one of the first days of the cruise.
  2. doglover3

    Viking Guarantee Cabin

    Congratulations on your upgrade! Sounds like it worked out quite well. Hope you have a wonderful Viking cruise.
  3. doglover3

    Shetland Islands

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. We will be cruising on the Insignia NE/Bermuda trip this summer. It was last minute but we are looking forward to the Oceania experience. My Mom was from England. So we were fortunate to be able to visit family and friends and expand our visits. We did several Rhine cruises with KD. I believe Viking acquired the part of the company that did 5-7 night trips. They were so amazing, we were repeat travelers. It was all inclusive featuring wines/beers and food from the areas we traveled through. Lots of historical commentary. I will definitely research them and also see what Oceania. Cunard looks like it only makes one stop in Lerwick. Sent from my iPhone using Forums We took Viking's "Into the Midnight Sun" this June. In addition to traveling up the coast of Norway, we had stops in Lerwick (Shetlands) and Kirkwall (Orkneys). We docked at both ports and there was a free shuttle provided by the tourist services in each, which took 5-10 minutes to get into town. We were able to walk into town in Lerwick in about 20-30 minutes, if walking is an option. I don't know if a larger ship would be able to dock, one of the advantages of Viking's smaller ships. We loved both ports and really enjoyed Viking Ocean. It was our first cruise with Viking Ocean, after having been very pleased with a trip on the Rhine with Viking River.
  4. doglover3

    Self Serve Laundry aboard Viking Ocean Ships

    As BruceLovesSailing wrote, there are 3 washers and dryers per launderette and there are 4 launderettes, so that would be 12 pairs of washer/dryers. We found it very easy to use the launderette, which we did twice on our recent cruise. One of the two times we had to wait for a machine, but we just set our phone and came back about ten minutes before the next machine was scheduled to be done and had no problem. I only saw one person who waited while their laundry was going. The rest of us left and came back. Nobody left their laundry after it was done. We loved having such easy access and found we could have brought about 1/3 less clothes than we did (and we travel with carry on only!).
  5. We just left the Thon Hotel Rosencrantz and enjoyed our overnight very much. Small but comfortable room, quiet and very convenient location. Our room rate included a light supper and a fabulous breakfast buffet. All at what I thought a very reasonable rate. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We will be leaving in a couple of days for the same trip on Viking Sky. Do you know how early you have to be back on board before departing each port? I know in Bergen it's two hours, but I was hoping it would be an hour in the other ports. Thanks.
  7. We were able to simply request contactless cards to replace our chip and signature cards from Capital One. We have at least one other card that came that way. Be sure to look for the ))) lines on both the front and back of the card. Ours are marked on the back.
  8. I can't tell when you're in port, but this website has the closures for the year: https://www.royalcollection.org.uk/visit/palace-of-holyroodhouse Just click on "Opening Times" and a pop up screen has the dates they are closed.
  9. doglover3

    Viking Sky June 9 Homelands. -a few observations

    Thanks for reporting. We will be on the Sky on June 23 for the Midnight Sun itinerary, so it's wonderful to hear that you're enjoying the ship. Have a great trip and I'll follow along until we leave next week! If you have time, I'd love to hear what you think about dinner in the World Cafe, once you have a chance to eat there. A lot of people seem to like the food and the more casual atmosphere, maybe better then the main dining room for dinner.
  10. Hope you had a good flight and are busy enjoying Bergen. We will be following next in line behind you, leaving from Bergen on June 23 on the Sky. Can't wait to read all about your adventure. Have a great trip!
  11. doglover3

    Review: Viking Sky, Trade Routes of the Middle Ages

    Twitchly, What a fabulous review! We leave on Viking Sky in just under three weeks, so I was very excited by your wonderful description. Our itinerary is Bergen to London, so I was particularly interested in Bergen and the the train to Oslo, which we will do in reverse. Glad I reserved seats on the right, as DH loves to take photos. So much to look forward to! Thanks!
  12. Thank you everyone for all your very generous and helpful advice. I think because of our timing at the airport, we will likely take one of the river tours from Greenwich to Westminster. After a quick look around (with our luggage), we will hop on the Tube District Line at Westminster, transfer to Piccadilly Line at Hammersmith (due to the easier signage) and be on our way to Heathrow. I like to allow extra time for getting lost and confused, so I think we will have to forgo the more extensive sightseeing. :)
  13. Thank you both for your suggestions. The river tour to Westminster Pier sounds perfect. I'll have to look into Tube vs Express Bus. Any thoughts on which might be easier for a first time visitor? I think visiting either Westminster or Parliament would be difficult with our bags and limited time, but it might be nice to walk by before our 8 hour flight home.
  14. Sorry about the confusion for both MrsEmmaPeel and Canuker.
  15. You are correct. We are on the Viking Sky, with an overnight. So we will be off the ship the morning of July 7. I understand that it is fairly easy to take river transportation from that location in Greenwich.