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  1. cespo

    Carnival Paradise Review 5/2017

    We were also on the same cruise. We knew this was an older ship without all the bells and whistles. We have been in the paradise two times prior, and had a five day booked on it for sept. This was probably one of the worst cruises we have been in in a while. We were not bothered by being in port till 10pm. Saved me money by not going to the casino. Our biggest issue was service. In the main dining room the waiters were excellent but the food was subpar. We sent back dishes several times. Food was not cooked correctly or dishes came out that we did not order. Bar service was horrible. Almost all the bars were packed and usually took 30 minutes or more to get your order placed. Bar service at the shows weren't much better. I think there was a newer crew on board and haven't gotten everything figured out yet. Regardless we still had a good time, but once we were home we changed our cruise in September to another ship.
  2. Placed my order for 2 $500.00 aarp carnival gift cards on Tuesday night. Received an email this morning to call them and had to verify placing the order and shipping address. Also told me that they do get shipped via ups or fed ex and must sign for the package. So just a fyi to check your emails incase you need to verify purchase, since it wont be shipped out without doing so. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app
  3. cespo

    Carnival GC available at AARP

    Thank you got got mine. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app
  4. cespo

    Drake2014 - help please

    I agree it was stupid of them to leave the stuff in the van. And I thought she knew better along with rest of them. Just glad they are all safe and everything is replaceable. The whole town has been wonderful to them and they havent let this ruin their stay. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app
  5. cespo

    Drake2014 - help please

    Drake, I know you are a local and hope you had a great time at the festivities. My daughter is actually in st croix right now. I would like to ask a favor of you. If you happen to come across a under armour usf backpack in your travels just laying there. Can you contact me. Her group was on a hike at a light house in the northwest corner and the vehicle was broken into. Several bags/stuff was taken and hoping the ahole that took it just dumped the bags somewhere. thanks in advance for your help Christine Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app
  6. cespo

    Lots to do this weekend in St. Croix!

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T217A using Forums mobile app
  7. cespo

    Guarantee Cabin results

    Date: Nov 15, 2014 (booked 9/30/14 on the 30 hour sale) Ship: Carnival Sunshine Class of Guarantee: Inside Guarantee Cabin Assigned: 3106 - 4c Date Assigned: 23 Days Before Sailing
  8. cespo

    Upgrade fairy called!!

    Same thing happened to us on this weekends sailing of the Sensation. We booked an inside guarantee pack n go rate and got a call from the upsell fairy for $150 more to upgrade to a jr suite. I jumped on the chance and going to suprise hubby.
  9. cespo

    Email Upgrade Finally!!

    [quote name='cruising_diva']Awesome! How soon is your cruise? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] The cruise is on 5/25. So only 18 more days.
  10. cespo

    Email Upgrade Finally!!

    [quote name='sjcruiser']Congrats!! At that price, I would have jumped on the offer also. Where did you go from location/deck/area/ to?[/quote] We went from a Riveria Deck interior to an Upper Oceanview
  11. Finally after 17 cruises, I finally got an email upgrade from an inside guarantee to an oceanview for only $20pp. For $40 we took it. At least I know what room I am going to be in now.
  12. [quote name='MUTailG8']They were in Grand Cayman today, but I doubt they will take them. Tomorrow they're in Cozumel and they will try to get Mexico to take them which they will most likely be refused. My guess is they will take them back to Tampa and will be deported back to Cuba.[/quote] According to my son, the 24 that were rescued were left in Grand Cayman yesterday.
  13. My son is on the paradise and he told me yesterday during dinner time the paradise rescued 24 stranded cubans. Finally was able to find an article on it... [URL]http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/05/travel/carnival-cruise-rescues-stranded-cubans-irpt/[/URL] (CNN) -- Matthew Sudders has been on plenty of cruises, but he'd never seen anything like this. The civil servant from Paris was aboard the Carnival Paradise on Tuesday when he noticed the ship had started to slow down in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Then an announcement came over the public address system: The captain had spotted a small boat in the water, and it appeared to be in distress. The Paradise would try to help. It appeared to Sudders that the cruise ship's captain was trying to shelter the small boat from the waves. Once they were close enough, ship staff lowered a platform down to the water and threw a rope and life jackets to the stranded craft. Eventually, the 24 passengers from the boat, all of Cuban nationality, were able to board the Paradise. They had been stranded for five days, according to an announcement on the ship's PA system, said Sudders, one of two passengers who posted accounts of the rescue on CNN iReport. "There was a huge cheer for the people as they came aboard," Sudders said from Grand Cayman Island on Wednesday. But he noticed a few of the cruise passengers were hesitant. Some of the people he stood next to on deck referenced Capt. Richard Phillips -- the American freighter captain whose 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates inspired an Oscar-nominated film -- hoping that the new passengers were not a risk. He says cruise officials later informed him that the new passengers would have been subjected to security screening as they were brought on board. The ship was en route to Grand Cayman from Tampa, Florida, when it stopped to aid the stranded boat on the first day of the cruise. "The ship turned slowly and approached the boat," said Sudders, who was still aboard the five-day Caribbean cruise Wednesday. "The people in it were yelling in Spanish. One of them appeared to be unwell in the bottom of the boat. We could see that there was water in the bottom of the boat and although it had an engine, it was not running. As we approached the boat, one of the passengers was flagging us down with his jacket." In a statement, Carnival officials said the ship's itinerary was unaffected by the rescue. Ship staff provided the new passengers with food, water, fresh clothing and accommodations, and they were evaluated by the ship's medical team, the statement said. The Paradise also reported the rescue to the U.S. Coast Guard. This isn't the first time a cruise ship has provided rescue services while at sea. Last year, another Carnival ship and a Disney ship picked up 21 people of uncertain nationality who were stranded on a raft off the coast of Key West. And in 2012, a Royal Caribbean ship rescued 23 Cubans, also near the Cayman Islands.
  14. They would have to wait for their zone number to be called. They do check boarding passes that have VIP printed on them. If FTTF is still available purchase that for them and they can board right behind you.
  15. cespo

    4 weeks and no cabin assignment

    I am a little over a month away and I do not have mine either. Not worrying about it. As long as I get a cabin some place I will be happy. Could not beat the price!!