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  1. Would you happen to know who the Concierge is?
  2. Current Dawn staff including Concierge please?
  3. Does anyone have the senior officers list for the Breakaway right now?
  4. Okay, so who's on the Breakaway now?
  5. Does anyone have a list of officers for the Breakaway? Possibly sailing in July.
  6. welove2cruise232

    Recent Stay at Embassy Suites in Ft. Lauderdale

    Does this hotel offer shuttle service from FLL airport?
  7. welove2cruise232

    Do you have any MSC Divina questions?

    Saw on another thread that YC members can't go to the main dining room if they don't want to dine in LeMuse? True??
  8. welove2cruise232

    Status Match Questions

    We booked through a Travel Agent; at the time of booking we didn't even have a voyager club membership number. Exactly.
  9. welove2cruise232

    Status Match Questions

    We applied after we booked (several months later, website problems...) and they applied the 5% discount. However we then realized they offer a 10% military discount, so we took that instead, which they applied of course after we booked. They don't allow multiple discounts.
  10. welove2cruise232

    Do you have any MSC Divina questions?

    Regarding smoking areas -- are cigars allowed in the outdoor smoking areas, or only at the cigar lounge? And was there a smoking area in the YC? TIA!
  11. welove2cruise232

    Your favorite item on NCL menu...

    The new "jumbo bay scallop" entrée in LeBistro -- so yummy with cauliflower mash (though that's not what they call it) The grilled Reuben in O'Sheehan's The grilled lobster tail and yummy veggies in Ocean Blue Veal Marsala and Osso Bucco in LaCucina. All these are on the "new" menus.
  12. welove2cruise232

    Davina YC1 Cabin

    Lol Rich are you guys bringing someone else with you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. welove2cruise232

    On Breakaway now, ask your questions

    Is Martinique one of your ports of call? Wondering if you went there, and if you had issues using US currency. TIA
  14. welove2cruise232

    Ncl no longer using Academy Bus from Boston to NY terminal

    I just called them. At first they said yes, they are cancelled, but then she put me on hold and came back and assured me our trip is still running (January 17th Breakaway) which is the last trip they are running for the Breakaway. We better not be stranded in Providence...:rolleyes:
  15. welove2cruise232

    MSC Divina getting mostly bad review

    We are also trying the Divina next October. Going with an open mind and taking the reviews with a grain of salt. Sailing with great friends so we will enjoy no matter what! Sent from my KFTHWI using Tapatalk