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  1. sorry to hear your sad loss shelia , i have not been on the forum for a long time, will always remember him taking photo,s in st mataan , pleased as punch. steve check local store you may have luck
  2. sorry about your sad loss shelia , not been on the forum for quite a while, will always remember him taking photo,s at st mataan with his hat on , pleased as punch. steve check local store , you might find something
  3. Hi so glad that it was ok, i suppose that we also like the smaller ships more, saying that as i have been on the two queens, each one has something different. Did you eat in marco,s ?, how was the places you stopped at?. Thinking the fjords next , the ventura does one to them. steve and hilary
  4. we hope that phil and sue and david and shelia got away on time for their cruise with all the delays best regards steve and hilary
  5. hi the crew always have got a smile , if we worked the hours they do , we would all be victor meldrew,s nice place lincoln , was there yesterday at the castle and the cathedral steve
  6. as it was setting off from malaga, in the boiler room , three crew hurt , one in a critical state over 30% burns, steam escaping from the boiler was stated as the cause. Hope that as these crew are one of the nicest and hard working, they make a speedy recovery.
  7. The queen victoria has now been infected and has also been ordered to deep clean and if the count rises will not be allowed to dock in the usa, at present only 30 infected. steve
  8. now also the balmoral up for health authority check and a deep clean, as over 300 down with it.It does seem that fred gets more than anybody else, and is hard to defend them, must be some x factor . steve
  9. I am sure you would be able to settle ,as they take them at reception during a cruise,F.O will reply i,m sure
  10. Although cunard have dollars as payment, you can now put on board credit in advance to your acct. by credit card The last i heard they were giving 1.88 to the pound which is a good rate. It is refunded if not used. David you should no that fred only replies , when they want to. Happy xmas to you all steve and hilary
  11. how did it compare with the others black watch/boudicca hope you enjoyed your trip , don reid again , was his wife with him on the piano. only way to do xmas markets is by coach i believe. happy xmas steve and hilary
  12. Hi everybody Just back from thursford xmas show nr norwich. If you have never heard of it , its out of this world. over 125 dancers and musicians and lasts from 2pm to 5pm with only a 25 min interval. Very professional old time variety , comic ventriloquist, dancers in the audience over 50 at a time, it was full at over 1,500 people . At £25 / £30 two shows a day , add food and spending in shops, its close to 3/4 million per day they take. First part from jersey boys excerpts from musicals ,carols etc, 2nd part the band on stage over 30 people and more xmas carols hymns etc finishes with white doves being released as you sang we will walk alone. Enjoy your xmas cruise steve let us know what the ship is like and how it rates up to the boudicca. Planning fjords for next year , they have the ocean countess going out from hull, at just over 500.00 for 6 days , bargain price. best regards steve and hilary
  13. Yes we decided it might be to cold, did xmas markets 2 years ago and the year before that also. Just fancied the kiel canal . We have been to copenhagen and hamburg (up the river to hamburg) did that on the queen mary that was a highlight. Booked instead for the xmas show at Thursford nr norwich, good reviwes , not the same as a cruise but time away. enjoy yourselves and have a happy xmas best regards steve and hilary
  14. looked in my drawer and found freds map that you are given for copenghagen tivioli is oppisite the main railway station in the bernstorffsgade buses opperate till 4.30 am and go from the pier. its a 5 min drive from the city centre to the pier and about 5 mins walk from there to the gardens. entrance to the gdns costs and from there you can go to musuems cafes restaurants etc. from the pier you can catch an open top bus that goes around city , hop on/off, little mermaid/palace/carlseburg brewery/strogert main shopping area /christaborg palce and gdns/nyhavn canal/tivioli gdns and the zoo. as all hop on buses beware that they get full and they can often miss one out.good way to see bits and pieces steve do not get drunk if you take the brewery tour if you are in hamburg try the town hall tour, if its on, about 5 euro,s spectacular rooms/ballrooms, and tour , lasts about 1 hr best regards steve and hilary
  15. Is your maitre d Mr t pau " the new zealander" . If so we found him a great laugh as was krystoft one of the polish restaurant managers. Enjoy and sorry about your ill health. steve
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