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  1. Vip lounge access if you’re sapphire and in a suite. So, basically if you’re in a suite. Benefits change. I think the wording is somewhere in the small print on the BCC benefits page. For a while, they were giving $100 in lieu of entrance but more recently eliminated the $100 too. 

  2. We have several BCC comped cruises and only I have the classic beverage package included. (I'm Sapphire, my husband isn’t.) Recently, I was able to get BCC to add the classic package to my reservation for me so I could upgrade to premium for $6.99 per day. (They initially told me that i needed to wait till i got onboard to have the package added. However, i think a supervisor approved it.) They also told me that only I had the “free” classic package.
    So, this is the latest info, unless BCC tells you differently. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, Harters said:



    Knowing that sour cream originated in Eastern Europe (although its close cousin "creme fraiche" is French), would you have any information about the history of how it found its way to Mexico (using your example of enchiladas)? 

    Hi. No, no idea. My family history is Eastern Europe. I never saw anyone put syrup on french toast until I moved to Virginia. Also, i never saw anyone put ketchup on eggs until i moved to Virginia. 😃 

  4. We buy a GeoBlue annual policy to cover medical & medical evacuation. I submitted a claim last year for medical visits on our cruise. The bill was over $900. I submitted the claim when we got home. I received a check from them, minus the $200 deductible, within a few weeks. I would never travel out of the country without the additional insurance. 😊 

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  5. 2 hours ago, natshala said:

    Does anyone know whether the Apex 2/18 cruise is one of the BCC offered cruises? The reason I ask is that a few weeks ago, there were numerous cabins available. A lot. Now, the ship is virtually maxed out. 

    I think that there's a large group on that cruise. 

  6. We log into our Celebrity account and show the MGM players club associate our Celebrity status. They give us their MGM gold level card. Then we go to Hard Rock Casino and show them our MGM gold card and they status match us to their Rock Royalty level card. 😊 

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