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  1. We had an E2 on the Edge. They offered us a 2B on the Silhouette, but agreed to a 2A.
  2. I'm so confused! Celebrity may have given your TA that info, but I just finished changing my February 14, 2022 Edge cruise to the new February 14 Silhouette cruise. I really didn’t want to make the change. 🤷‍♀️
  3. This is an interesting question. Why does it matter to you? Are you trying to determine if you would get a refund if the cruiseline went bankrupt? Let us know what you find out.
  4. Hi. I tried to add online for one person, but couldn’t. Are you in the U.S.?
  5. Hi. I posted the Celebrity casino flyer showing “complimentary drinks while you play.”
  6. Hi! I just booked a Celebrity Blue Chip comped cruise today. I wanted to buy a perks package but they told me that they don’t offer that package with their comped cruises. They were willing to sell me a beverage package for the price listed on my cruise planner. They told me that they usually offer a 15% discount on the beverage package but since it's on sale for 20% off, they would sell it for 20% off. (Not interested.) I had previously booked a comped Celebrity cruise through URComped. They were allowed to sell me a 4 perks package at a decent price. (Maybe I should always book wit
  7. Received a similar email yesterday. Not sure how i was ever Amethyst, but I am again. Booked a comped Apex cruise for late February. Hopefully we will be crusing again before then.
  8. The day pass is now $169.99pp! Website issues?
  9. Oh darn! I was hoping that it was a surprise from my casino host. I did have to forego 2 $18 glitch beverage packages.
  10. Just booked - $46.99 on May 23 Oasis. Great price! I'm sure we'll be cruising way before May??
  11. Now trying to decide whether or not to buy another GeoBlu policy for cruises booked April 2021 - March 2022. Do I believe that the 2021 cruises will occur? OMG, i hope so!
  12. I didn’t think about canceling my annual policy until June. When I contacted GeoBlue, they asked when I returned home from my last trip. It was mid-March. They then cancelled the policy as of the beginning of the next month (April) and refunded the remainder of the policy year. I was pleasantly surprised.
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