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  1. julescruisin

    Breakaway 71 - 7/10 Brief Review

    [QUOTE=Feelin' Nauti';50492729]I have to say a big thank you to all of the folks that took the time to share your views and insight on the BA. My biggest concern is the food and service, that's what makes or breaks a really good cruise.[/QUOTE] We just got off the BA Sunday July 17th. Honestly we won't be going on the BA again, we had a wonderful time, we always do. It is just too many people and not enough space for everyone. 1 tiny pool for close to 5,000 people, the chair hogs were unreal, especially at Spice H2O. They showed movies in the small atrium with the air hockey and bars being so noisy you couldn't hear the movie. I will be writing a review as soon as I get my thoughts in order. I made our SD reservations early and had no issues at all, the MDR always had a wait even for 2 guests. Loved Rock of Ages, best show I have ever seen on a ship it was fantastic. I am happy we went, we wanted to try a mega ship and found out it is not for us. It's OK, we had a great time and Bermuda is the most spectacular island~we love it. Next year we will be back on The Dawn!! Happy Cruising:)
  2. Thank you for your wonderful review, we leave Sunday on the Breakaway and we can't wait!! It is our 25th Anniversary and first time on a ship this size. Did you have trouble finding chairs on sea days? I am so happy you loved Bermuda it is truly our favorite island as you can see from our signature!:D Happy Cruising!!
  3. What a fantastic review and pictures, they were just beautiful!! It has given me so many great ideas for our upcoming Breakaway cruise, so excited to see this ship and get back to our favorite port Bermuda!!! We have never been on a ship this big and can't wait to see what the Breakaway has to offer. So glad you enjoyed your cruise and thank you again for such an informative review!! Happy Cruising:p:):D
  4. julescruisin

    A few words of our Breakaway Trip

    [quote name='esm54687']Cruise was great and I'm sure you can find a spot or two..... my thought is that a pool is not a revenue generator and there's only so much real estate on a ship that can bring in money. Have a great cruise yourself!![/QUOTE] You are so right, never thought about it that way~we will definitely be up early and grab a few loungers. We are so excited about the BA, we have never been on a ship this size and can't wait to see all she has to offer!! Happy Cruising!
  5. Thanks for the slot machine pics, wow they do have a lot of new machines to play!!!! It was great reading your review everyday and so glad you had a wonderful time. We also love Bermuda and would go every single year if we could!! Happy Cruising:)
  6. julescruisin

    A few words of our Breakaway Trip

    [quote name='esm54687']Hi, Spice has two hot tubs and no pool.... the only pool is the main one and it will be super crowded on sea days especially if the weather is hot... My wife and I were on the Breakaway in March and the pool area was very crowded!![/QUOTE] Thank you so much~we will be up early and hopefully get a lounger by the main pool on the upper deck!! Wonder why they only have 1 pool on such a large ship? Oh well, we can't wait and hope you enjoyed your cruise!!:D
  7. What an awesome on ship review, thanks so much!! Looking forward to the rest of your review and hope you have a great time on your cruise. I see you enjoy the casino, is there anyway you can snap a few pics of the machines, LOL We are going on the BA for our 25th~ July 10th and are so excited to go back to Bermuda! The food looks wonderful and let us know what you think of the shows including Second City! Thanks so much and Happy Cruising :D Also what do think of Spice H20 compared to the main pool, crowds, loud music etc.. I am reading a lot of different opinions and hope to hear what you think actually being on the ship.
  8. Thank you for responding so quickly~my Hubby doesn't gamble at all, but I do!!! LOL Looking forward to seeing all the machines and relaxing in the casino once in awhile. I think we may change to Ocean Blue, everyone seems to agree with you~it is amazing. So glad you had a wonderful cruisemoon!! Congratulations again and Happy Cruising! :)
  9. julescruisin

    A few words of our Breakaway Trip

    So glad you enjoyed your cruise~honestly I have never had a bad cruise. I have loved them all~did you go to Spice H2O at all? If you did, can you tell me if there is a pool there or just hot tubs? We are going in July and it is going to be HOT, so we like to be near a pool. Also, does the main pool area get very crowded during at sea days? Thanks again~Happy Cruising :D
  10. Very nice review~thank you for taking the time to do it. Did you spend any time in the casino~if you did how were the machines and casino staff? So glad you enjoyed your Wedding Cruise, we are sailing on the Breakaway July 10th for our 25th Wedding Anniversary!! How was Moderno, would you eat again at Moderno or Ocean Blue, we are still trying to figure out our reservations! Thanks again and Happy Cruising :D
  11. Is that the lunch menu at Savor when you board Breakaway? Looking forward to more of your review! Happy Cruising!!
  12. julescruisin

    Second City on Breakaway

    Do you need to book Second City in advance, we never had to before??:confused:
  13. julescruisin

    Just off the Splendor!!! Will answer all questions!!!

    [quote name='NCTribeFan']Thanks, Jules. I can't make my way through all the courses in the steakhouse let alone with multiple choices. My problem is simply deciding what to get. I've only done them 3 times (Glory, Conquest & Splendor). First time on Glory I got the gigantic 24 oz Porterhouse which is no longer on the menu. Past two Novembers, I've gotten the surf and turf which was very good both times. I don't eat at the "regular" buffet unless I walk by and something catches my eye (had some really good jerk chicken and rice on this past Conquest cruise). On ships with the Fish & Chips, I either have that or a turkey & swiss from the deli. Does Splendor's burrito bar offer the same things as Blue Iguana? We did get a burrito on embarkation day last November. I hope so! I loved the chicken & shrimp burritos on Conquest! Yeah, those 1A/ph cabins are great except for the wave banging. I'd thought maybe it would be better in the Caribbean than out in the Atlantic. I guess it just depends on the seas on any given sailing. Now that I've moved cabins, I'm concerned with the spa cabin being so high and so far forward. Good thing I go prepared with Ginger Root, meclizine AND wrist bands! ;) That's one of the nice things about Bermuda - not having to worry about getting back to the ship each evening and being to eat dinner and go back out again. We only had 1-1/2 days there on Glory, which wasn't nearly enough time and which is why I booked Splendor, even though the prices were outrageous. I booked at about $1,338 for a solo. When I gave up my 1A ph cabin a month ago, it appeared back in the inventory at $2,198. For 7 nights! Sailing is no longer showing up at all, so it must be sold out. :eek: I guess I'm one of the few people who doesn't hate the Playlist shows. I quit going to shows many cruises ago when I couldn't take listening to off-key singing. I only re-started when Ticket to Ride came along (that's my generation, folks). I think the performers have been quite good on the past several sailings. Joelle - San Juan is one of my most favorite places ever. My past two November cruises were San Juan to Miami (Conquest and Splendor). On Conquest, I was solo and went down 2 nights early and stayed in OSJ. Last year, we went a day early and stayed in the Condado area. I have lots of info and pics in those review threads. It's a beautiful old city. I love to just wander around. This past Conquest sailing, we were only there until 2, which just isn't enough time. Still, walked around, had 2nd breakfast at Cafeteria Mallorca, more walking, and lunch and mojitos at Punto de Vista. Much info on the San Juan board.[/QUOTE] I love the fish and chips also~I did miss it! Yes, the Burrito Bar is part of the buffet everyday~I had a steak burrito and it was very good. On sea days we did the brunch in the Gold Pearl MDR it was great, DH go the steak and eggs, it was filet mignon, he was so happy!!!! Bermuda is the most beautiful, friendly island, we are going next July for our 25th anniversary~have a wonderful time. You should be fine with the wrist bands, we have cruised thru 3 hurricanes and never get sick. The first couple days of this cruise were so rough, so many passengers were sick~felt so bad for them. The pools got shut down and shows were cancelled. After that we had smooth sailing!!! Have a wonderful cruise!!
  14. julescruisin

    Just off the Splendor!!! Will answer all questions!!!

    [quote name='joellebridgers']Any other suggestions/tips for the ports? I'm still up in the air on what to do. I definitely will hit Margaritaville in Grand Turk, but we also want to go on a snorkeling trip. How about San Juan? Anything cool to do there?[/QUOTE] In St. Thomas we were on Magen's Bay by 7:30 am :D It was amazing~we went to Sapphire Beach last time and wanted to try something different so happy we did we heard that Sapphire had tons of rocks in the water!! Magen's Bay was soft white sand and not a rock in the water~I love that. Watch for the diving Boobie Birds and Pelicans we laughed so hard, they were hysterical. San Juan was tough because of the times we were in port, we were an hour late docking. We also dock on the Atlantic side not the Caribbean ocean side :( We took a $10 pp van tour with Jose, it was a 90 minute tour, he showed us the forts, a beach and short island tour. He dropped us right in Old San Juan we walked around, did some shopping and were back on the ship by 9ish. We love the beach and palm trees so San Juan was hard for us, just not enough time to hit a beach there. Grand Turk was amazing, the bluest water I have seen~it was our first time there, we got right off the ship went left got 8 chairs and we stayed until the last second. I will tell you a lot of fellow cruisers stubbed toes and hurt their feet~the water is full of rocks and coral :( that was the only bad part. We hung at the pool, Margaritaville was great. Our hubbies got the $50 wrist bands, well worth it, as many margaritas and daiquiris as you can drink plus lunch. Let me say they got their moneys worth LOL Adorable shops at the pier and we also went banana boating, all 8 of us it was great. You will have a great time~Happy Cruising~Hope I helped alitte.
  15. julescruisin

    Just off the Splendor!!! Will answer all questions!!!

    [quote name='Rottweiler Puppy']How were the shows? The pre 2.0 shows on the Liberty were very good quality but I found the new 2.0 shows to be quite poor. Did you get to check any of them out? If so how were they?[/QUOTE] We went to a lot of the comedy shows~they were OK. The first dance show The Beat was cancelled due to the weather, the ship was really rocking and it was too dangerous for the dancers. The Love and Marriage show was funny~we love that. We walked out of Fiesta Latina it was OK. Consuela Ivy is a singer and was amazing~very funny too. The last sea day show was our favorite it was the guest talent show OMG it was awesome, I wont spoil it but wait till you see Malcolm. LOL Happy Cruising!!!!:D