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  1. We disembarked from Costa Fortuna yesterday. We also did a trip on Fortuna in November and a few more several years ago when the ship was newer. In November we had a comfortable balcony cabin in the middle of deck 7. This trip we had a terrible balcony cabin on the rear of deck 6.

    As soon as we entered the most recent cabin, we immediately noticed the bed sloped, so the mattress was higher at the bottom end than the top. Each of the 2 mattresses also dipped in the middle as they are worn out. At first this didn't cause us any problems but, after a few days, we both had aching bodies, especially our spines, so we started taking pain killers.

    Now we're home and, after only one night sleeping in our own bed, our backs are much better and we feel alive again.

    The room service breakfast is a bargain at just 5 euros a person.

    Our cabin was very clean and our steward was very good.

    Here's a pic of the bed. If you look at how it lines up with the base of the window, you'll see what I mean about how the worn mattress slopes so badly.


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  2. At Savona you dock next to the old city

    At Marseille there's an uphill walk of maybe 700 metres or a bit more to a free local bus

    At Barcelona there's a port bus for a couple of euros each way

    I haven't been to Ibiza on a cruise

    At Palermo you can walk along the coastal road (with a pavement) to the centre. I think the walk is maybe a kilometre.

    We only use cruise company's buses when a port offers no other option.

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  3. We returned from a MSC Grandiosa Mediterranean cruise today (during covid times)

    On the ship there was plenty of attention given to mask wearing, with masks being handed out to anyone not wearing one.

    We could only go ashore on MSC excursions.

    The Barcelona excursion was excellent.

    The Rome excursion was good, but there was no attempt made to ask everyone to wear masks on the bus, which was frightening. We were surrounded, on a long journey, by people not wearing masks.

    We went to the excursion desk and handed in a letter addressed to the excursion manager, but received no response whatsoever. It feels like the company aren't bothered about the risk of people becoming infected and / or the risk of, if anyone does get infected on their tours, the virus spreading through their employees and customers.



  4. We booked a guarantee exterior and were upgraded to a cabin with balcony, wine in the cabin and use of the Samsara spa. We were truly shocked. For our next Costa cruise we've booked a guarantee balcony and have been allocated a premium cabin. The downside for us is it shows as an adjoining cabin on the ship plan.


  5. We're going on Millennium from Hong Kong in February, so have looked at the cruise terminal website. It shows a ferry from the cruise terminal to North Point on Hong Kong Island. From there you could get a tram or bus to the start of your walking tour.

  6. We're in Spain and booked our cruise online with Celebrity, then decided to change to a different Celebrity cruise.


    We phoned the international office and had no problem changing cruises and there was no charge for changing.

    In the past, we booked a Royal Caribbean cruise online, cancelled it and got our complete deposit back.


    The cancellation terms are on our booking info and give a full refund of the deposit up to a certain number of days in advance of the cruise. What they don't refund (which is reasonable) is the travel insurance if we bought it with the cruise.

  7. Our cruise starts from Miami and Bonaire is the first port it visits.


    Please can anyone tell us if there are shops at or near Miami port and / or Kralendijk cruise terminal where we'll be able to buy a beach umbrella.


    Thanks for any replies 🏄 🏂 🏊

  8. Thank John. I will look out for a publix.

    We fly into Miami the evening before boarding the cruise and haven't yet made a hotel reservation.


    My thoughts are to buy wine that evening or maybe to embark then take the trolley into Miami to have a look around before sailing.

    Do you know if we can buy wine at Miami airport ?

  9. Hi Thanks for the 2 replies.


    We've now logged in to our reservation (we only booked yesterday and had to wait for our reservation to show up in the online area).

    We have now tried to book the choice air. But a message came up saying we can't use choice air because we have a 'direct booking'.


    It seems a shame for celebrity to miss out on a bit of commission from an airline, but I guess they have their reasons.

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