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  1. Looking through doorways, a few of the cabins seem to have worn-out mattresses. The cabin we had in November was fine. It was cabin 7366. The one we've just been in was 6463. I don't recommend it, but the balcony was fab.
  2. I forgot to answer your minibar question.Ours contained a can of Heineken beer and a can of 7Up.
  3. We disembarked from Costa Fortuna yesterday. We also did a trip on Fortuna in November and a few more several years ago when the ship was newer. In November we had a comfortable balcony cabin in the middle of deck 7. This trip we had a terrible balcony cabin on the rear of deck 6. As soon as we entered the most recent cabin, we immediately noticed the bed sloped, so the mattress was higher at the bottom end than the top. Each of the 2 mattresses also dipped in the middle as they are worn out. At first this didn't cause us any problems but, after a few days, we both had aching bodies, especially our spines, so we started taking pain killers. Now we're home and, after only one night sleeping in our own bed, our backs are much better and we feel alive again. The room service breakfast is a bargain at just 5 euros a person. Our cabin was very clean and our steward was very good. Here's a pic of the bed. If you look at how it lines up with the base of the window, you'll see what I mean about how the worn mattress slopes so badly.
  4. There's plenty of taxis in the cruise port. I didn't see any outside of it. There's also public buses that go to Le Gosier beach for 1,80€
  5. At Savona you dock next to the old city At Marseille there's an uphill walk of maybe 700 metres or a bit more to a free local bus At Barcelona there's a port bus for a couple of euros each way I haven't been to Ibiza on a cruise At Palermo you can walk along the coastal road (with a pavement) to the centre. I think the walk is maybe a kilometre. We only use cruise company's buses when a port offers no other option.
  6. Costa's onboard currency for cruises from Spain is the euro. It's also the euro on their transatlantic cruises from Europe.
  7. We are flying into Milan, then getting a Flix bus to Genoa and a train to Savona. We've booked 2 nights in Savona before our cruise. As we've visited Savona a few times, I now wish we'd booked a couple of nights in Milan instead and then caught a Milan to Savona train.... Maybe next time 🙂
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