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  1. The only Diamond benefit I have ever used was the free picture. I'm a cheap date!!:D
  2. You certainly have my sympathy! I'm like you. I believe this will end up being a good thing, but I was just caught blindsided because neither Carnival nor my travel agent mentioned this change. I caught it just be accident. The information is there, but since it is new, I felt it should be highlighted somehow. Happy sails.:) Kathy
  3. Wonderful review style. Thanks for your hard work. Have loved the Fantasy and look forward to her sister. Happy sails. Kathy
  4. Anyone with a mobility problem will find the ports staff to be extremely helpful. Love the general attitude of that crew in Charleston.:) Happy sails. Kathy
  5. A search on this subject didn't help me find anything. This month Carnival's new policy (already in effect on some ships) about requiring us to select our embarkation time goes into effect on the Ecstasy. No problem for us - we have already signed up for our preferred (earliest) time to board; however, the policy as stated is very strict. I wonder if anyone has experienced any problems. (Interesting that our travel agent did not alert us to this - I discovered it quite by accident.) Happy sails.:) Kathy
  6. I'm with you there. Always inside. And I LOVE B2B, so being in an inside makes that affordable for me. Happy sails.:) Kathy
  7. I think Carnival must be using the wrong term when they specify "over-the-door organizers" since they also say they have to hang INSIDE the cabin. Have you ever seen one of these outside the cabin? I mean I'm not going to store my hand lotion, binoculars, sunglasses, scarf, gloves, book, etc., OUTSIDE my cabin!!!:eek: Kathy?
  8. I had to laugh at this one! I never feel that my cruise has really started until I have my INDULGENCE of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with whole milk. I would never do that at home.:) Happy sails. Kathy
  9. And you are doing a great job with your updates. Thank you. You think so logically and pass the information on so clearly. (I am only on page 3 of your report, and there are 34 pages, so no doubt all the mystery is solved by now. I just don't want to "read the last page of the book" ahead of time.:)) Kathy
  10. Just chiming in to offer sympathy to you in your situation. My inclination would be to cancel, but there are so many factors to consider. So sorry for you and your family. We (two 70+-year-old women) ended up on a cruise with thousands of bikers a few years ago. It was loud, but ended up being a hoot, but I don't think your situation would be the same. (Our biker group's specific activities were held in a separate place on the ship.) Kathy
  11. Friend and I are on the Fantasy November 13. Is that the one you are on? Be sure not to miss the afternoon tea on the Fantasy. The tea is MUCH NICER on that small ship than on larger ships.:) Happy sails. Kathy
  12. NCL is always my last choice for a cruise (I prefer traditional dining), but it has a couple of good things you might be interested in. 1. I love that upon initial embarkation, I can go to a regular dining room and be waited on rather than battling the buffet confusion. (Of course, I suppose I could always forgo eating the minute I get on the ship!!:D) 2. For those who have a bunch of NECESSARY carryon items, I understand NCL has a place where these can be stashed safely until the cabins are ready. I have never had to use this feature, so I don't know if it is still available. But I see people (especially with little children) hauling so much stuff around while trying to eat in the buffet upon embarkation that I would think this would be a nice feature. Happy sails.:) Kathy
  13. I enjoy our Carnival cruises (except for the high decibel level, but that's on all cruise ships!:mad:). But there are two things that cause me to look elsewhere FIRST when planning a cruise: 1. I find the multiple categories (super saver, easy saver, early saver, whatever) confusing. 2a. I like it better when we have ONE cabin attendant instead of a main one and a morning assistant and an evening assistant. Never get to know them. I always like to tip extra, but this is too confusing. It does not affect the level of service, just the personalization of our cruising experience. 2b. Same goes for the wait staff. I believe Carnival has THREE, whereas other lines I have traveled on have a waiter and a drink waiter. Much easier to know whom to ask for something and whom to tip extra at the end of the cruise. Small matters, I know. But OP asked, and this gave me a chance to say why it is easier for me to book another line sometimes.:) Happy sails. Kathy
  14. I can't remember which deck number is used; however, if you have a physical handicap, they are wonderful about helping you. My husband used a walker, and he was directed to the crew entrance on dock level and then to an elevator. Same with disembarking. Otherwise, there is a rather long, uphill walk to embark/disembark. I always have my luggage checked, so it is not a problem for me. (For self-debarkation, of course, it is DOWNHILL all the way!:D We always self-debark.) Happy sails. Hope you enjoy the little Fantasy as much as I do. Kathy
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