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  1. PierreMena

    Bali again

    On March 5th 2017 we visited Bali on a shore excursion. A friend had suggested we contact and exNCL bartender, Gede Sujana, as he had started his own tour guide company a while back, http://www.baliepicatours.com/ We were on the NCL Star cruise from Sydney Australia that limped along for a few days so we had to contact Gede often with changes and possible cancellation of the excursion, westarted off talking about a tour for four passengers and ended up spending the day with him, 2 mini vans and 22 of our fellow cruise mates. He navigated through all our emails back and forth very calmly and offered us a wonderful day in Bali. We visited the MonkeyForest, a Batuan Temple, a waterfall, the Silver factory and had great local cuisine at a very pretty restaurant. So glad they were driving as Bali’s traffic is wild but they had us back to the ship in plenty of time, safe and sound. We do not hesitate to recommend you contact him to arrange for your shore excursion in Bali!
  2. Thank you Michael and sorry about your shore mess up. Your photos are fabulous and very appreciated.
  3. PierreMena

    Breakaway Drownings?

    [quote name='kjbacon']Some of you really need a decency check here. One example (of millions available) is my younger daughter was a whirlwind as a toddler. The point came where I had to put her on a leash and I don't mean the cute kind with the colorful wrist strap. I mean a body harness and now's a good time to mention that one of her nicknames was Houdini. Other people thought nothing and I mean nothing of approaching me and telling me in the cruelest of fashions how unfit I was and that Social Services should take her away from me etc etc etc. Thank God that she was my second child so I did know that I was a good parent. And a bigger thanks to God that she did not run into the street or into a swimming pool or who knows where. A sideline is that she managed to grow into a fabulous and well adjusted adult so there but for the grace of God, go I. And probably you too. Tell me that you have never say "whew, I got lucky." Please everyone, have your opinions but be careful with your unkind words. Even if the parents or grandparents or babysitter was absolutely in the wrong ... say sitting in a bar on another deck getting drunk when this happened ... their child is dead and that punishment does not fit the crime.[/quote] True words ! Children are little disasters just waiting to happen. I too say I got off lucky but will not judge the parents of the children on NCL.
  4. Hello Aimee, I started off to read your blog but got curious about the pictorial review. I am totally blown away, what a great job you did and the quality of the photos you posted is amazing. Great job, it just makes me want to get back on the Breakaway ;) Okay now off to read your blog :D
  5. PierreMena

    Activities on Trans-Atlantic crossing

    Hi Tia Pierre and I are also from Trois-Rivières and have been cruising for a few years;) We enjoy NCL very much and have never had a boring moment. Sometimes we chose to be BORED on our balcony with good book and a glass of wine. When you rceive your Freestyle Daily (on board newspaper) you will see that you will lack time for all the activities. Night time brings along dancing, music, games and the shows in the theater. We love our sea days as they are so relaxing and I never tire of looking out at the ocean. I have to admit that I find good and weak points on any cruise line, but once on a ship I'm a happy camper! :D If you have other questions regarding NCL I'll be happy to try to answer them.
  6. PierreMena

    VIV Tours CaveTubing - Any reviews?

    CAVE TUBING We had booked privately online with VIV tours for around 55 each ( memory) fails me here. At the pier they were well identified and as soon as a group was put together they walked us to a comfortable mini bus. 75 minutes later we arrived at the large cave tubing place where all the companies come together, change rooms and toilets were numerous and clean. We rented water shoes and took off with our guide for a rather long walk along a trail in the jungle. Our tubes had been sent ahead to the departure point in the river. We did have to cross the river twice and it had a bit of a tug. The guide was very helpful to Pierre and was thanked appropriately! The tubes were SUPER comfortable with. bottom netting and a good headrest . The trip down the river into the caves was slow and the scenery amazing. There again our guide worked his butt off to keep us moving. Back at the center we had a quick Caribbean lunch and got back on the bus for the return to the ship in plenty of time.
  7. PierreMena

    Snorkle Belize -Rendezvouse Caye Island

    I must be doing something wrong because when I follow the link ti AW there is no snorkeling on their page ?
  8. After spending the day visiting ports, sitting on your aft balcony with a refreshement in hand with your companion is HEAVENLY :)
  9. PierreMena

    Epic Studios...Bigger than you think...

    Indeed the Studio Lounge is a definte PLUS ;) more space than just your cabin !
  10. [quote name='dznymom']Picture yourself relaxing with a glass of wine on your balcony before dinner gazing at this: [URL="http://travel.webshots.com/photo/2793232110044824703NDmLBi"][IMG]http://inlinethumb27.webshots.com/25242/2793232110044824703S500x500Q85.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Just one of many reasons I prefer the AFT balconies.[/quote] BRAVO the only way to go - fabulous photo ! ;)
  11. [quote name='time2cruise1']I always book an aft cabin unless I can weasel my way into the courtyard Why [URL="http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1451738569059187889KURbdJ"][IMG]http://inlinethumb29.webshots.com/8924/1451738569059187889S425x425Q85.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1451738908059187889BKzlIa"][IMG]http://inlinethumb60.webshots.com/24571/1451738908059187889S425x425Q85.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://travel.webshots.com/photo/2193653630059187889fkBjBG"][IMG]http://inlinethumb24.webshots.com/46423/2193653630059187889S425x425Q85.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://travel.webshots.com/photo/2605530540059187889ksoUit"][IMG]http://inlinethumb32.webshots.com/2911/2605530540059187889S425x425Q85.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/quote] Priceless Views !
  12. [quote name='orangeh3']We love the aft...all we have felt is a gentle rocking motion...but that has been on the Star, Dawn, Gem, Pearl, Jewel.. The view is wonderful, relaxing and just a plain lazy way to cruise...:)[/quote] I couldn't have described it better. Once you have tasted life in an AFT cabin it becomes a must have ! Sure there is a little more motion but the wide open spaces are priceless !
  13. PierreMena

    epic shower

    [quote name='acamusic']The phrase "dropping a deuce" cracks me up every time, in any context. Stay classy, Epic board.[/quote] I`m just doubled over with laughter at that expression and this one *someone is outside about to [SIZE=3][B]shart[/B][/SIZE] themselves waiting for the toilet.* My command of the English language is improving by the minute ! LOL:D
  14. PierreMena

    epic shower

    [quote name='time2cruise1'][COLOR=black]and they will have all the privacy they want when you exit the cabin, grab your card from the holder, and leave them in total darkness unable to find their card.[/COLOR] :D[/quote] You are BAD BAD :p On my very first cruise we had an inside cabin and were traveling with my Mom ! :eek: space was at a premium indeed ! I bring this up because my DH would have the cabin to himself to shower and dress while Mom and I had a drink at one of the bars. Then DH would go to the casino while the ladies showered and did their whatevers. It worked out just fine and all were happy ;)
  15. PierreMena

    Specialty Coffee Card

    I have to also reiterate the question. I rather enjoy going to the Café on Princess for my special capuccinos at all hours of the day. Where on the Epic would that be available and at what cost :confused: