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  1. ***UPDATE**** At 4 pm this afternoon, our TA called (at my insistence) Cunard again. This time they offered us a Future Cruise Credit equal to 100% of our cruise that was to leave March 17 and 50% refund and 50% future cruise credit on our April 18th cruise. The lady at Cunard said this new offer went into effect a 1/2 hr prior to us calling. We must book a new cruise within 90 days of receiving the FCC but the cruises can be anytime between now and 12/31/2021, I am beyond sad we had to cancel these cruises but thrilled Cunard finally stepped up and offered what the other cruise lines
  2. Just got off the phone with Cunard. They are offering 50% future cruise credit on the non refundable portion of our 2 cruises set to leave on March 17 and April 18th. I can't believe they are not matching what Carnival, Princess, Royal, Celebrity are offering. We are in the high risk category (over 60 with underlying health issues). We will lose thousands of dollars if they don't offer a full credit. I will NEVER cruise with them again if that happens!
  3. What Dr Fauci said on Meet the Press is “If you have an underlying medical condition, don’t get on a cruise ship”. Let’s not create more hysteria than is already out there.
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