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  1. Hi all,

    We are seasoned cruisers but our first Fred cruise departs Rosyth in July (Balmoral/Scottish Isles). Could someone please explain how the embarkation and disembarkation process works ? Is it based on deck or cabin category as to what time you are allocated? Also, we would appreciate advice as to whether driving and parking at the port is a better option than the train and taxi.  Apologies for all the questions but I will be travelling with someone living with dementia and want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Many thanks in advance.

  2. 3 minutes ago, FangedRose said:

    I half-heartedly tried to phone intercruise to get my missing confirmation. I got a real shock when phone was answered in less than 20 minutes. Corrected my email address (using a prepared phonetic script), and asked them to stay on the line while I refreshed my email until it came through.

    And relax. 🙂

    Fantastic news and provides hope for anyone still trying to get booked. Let’s hope all major issues are now resolved 😅

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Mankim said:

    Travelling with cruise connect to Southampton for 1st time on Sunday from Washington Services A1. We usually drive. Information about pick up point just states coach park not clarifying Southbound or Northbound services .For some reason I got it into my head pick up and drop off were both from Northbound side of motorway, it does say in small print on confirmation all pick ups at motorway services Southbound of motorway. Can’t get through to office. Can anyone reassure me please? ( as I am paranoid about missing the bus)

    Logic would suggest Southbound but to put your mind at rest you could always ring the Services to confirm because it’s probably going to take until Friday to get through to Cruise Connect 🙄

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  4. 18 minutes ago, FangedRose said:

    Got through! Booked!


    But no email confirmation. Ah well. It was a bad line, and my email is rather complicated. Will wait a day or so and try to contact them again. Hopefully the other options will not be so busy.

    Yippee !! Well done ....let's hope the situation is beginning to improve at last !

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  5. 2 minutes ago, UiHyt said:

    Out of interest, when you finally got thru, how long were you kept waiting? After several failed attempts at the beginning of May they picked up the phone in about two minutes and confirmed the booking with an email straightaway. My tip would be: don't put the phone down before receiving the confirmation email and checking it's correct. I did that in case there were any problems with the email confirmation.

    Incidentally we booked another coach with them in April and got thru straightaway.

    I finally got a human being after 52 minutes of “music” and the booking took about 5 minutes with instant email confirmation (like you I would recommend staying on the line until the confirmation email appears). I honestly think there are only a couple of people manning the phones because we have never experienced this kind of service and stress levels in the past when we have booked coach transfers 

  6. 30 minutes ago, Bexx83 said:

    I've tried countless times so far today. First time I had the engaged tone so hung up and redialed, hung up and redialed multiple times and finally got the recorded message apologising for the wait times. That was my first 20min wait with no answer. Tried again about half hour later, straight away I had the recorded message but my hopes were dashed as I sat there for another 40mins!! Had to give up for the time being as that music is driving me crazy!! 🤪😵‍💫

    My final call involved 52 minutes of that horrendous music and when the lady eventually answered I was so shocked i almost forgot what I was calling for !! You almost have to dedicate a day to try and get through. It’s absolutely infuriating and soul destroying. The cruise companies really need to be aware of the stress this is causing their customers.

  7. SUCCESS !!  Finally managed to get through to a human being after dedicating hours of my day to being on hold for 30-55 minutes at a time !  Lovely lady who answered my call explained that they were simply overwhelmed by calls.  So, for those of you still trying...don't give up hope and do be prepared to lose a lot of your day/s listening to the same piece of music.  Good luck .....I am going for a lie down in a darkened room.

    On 5/6/2023 at 1:54 PM, FangedRose said:

    So have I! But you can't persevere when they won't talk to you!


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  8. So far today I have called 4 times since 9am and have been on hold listening to music for 26, 35, 55 and 54 minutes duration at the end of which the line rings once and then goes dead .  Either the entire population has booked a cruise or the staff at Intercruises consists of one person!! 
    if the cruise lines are reading this …please review the very unsatisfactory situation. At this rate I will be phoning until August 😅
    they don’t even respond to the online enquiry form 😖

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  9. Just now, CGreenhills said:

    I’ve been trying all day to phone using the two phone numbers. I’ve filled out the online form and left my phone number so hopefully they will ring back. 

    I have done that too but have to say I am not hopeful. The incessant music while waiting for a human to pick up my call has given me a headache!! 
    Please update if you have any success 😊

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