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  1. I had a charter scheduled for Feb 2021. Charter company moved it to Feb 2022. That brought a lot of happiness in that, hopefully we will be vaccinated by then. Disco Cruise 2022! I'll think about it until then.
  2. Or also the last to even research this, instead...just saying "Sold Out". Probably don't want to deal with what to do next, so it's easier to say sold out and go to the next call, so their call center numbers "work".
  3. We had booked this cruise. I called tonight about paying for an upgrade from Balcony to Suite. Was told the ship is sold out. Then called another well known web travel site. They said that the cruise has been changed to smaller 4 night cruises, not out of Hong Kong. Is/Was/When RCCL going to call and let me know? We had already purchased our airline tickets, and subsequently, trip insurance from another site. I find it interesting that the reservation line for RCCL will tell me that it's sold out, rather than telling me it was cancelled or changed.
  4. Dec 25 2019 isn't correct, as I'm on Empress and we are there from 7am to 5pm.
  5. When you go to a hotel and stay for a week, you usually have no clue what room you will be in. Let alone a room map of all the rooms and choices of rooms. I find it interesting that on a ship you can pick your room, or not! I always do GTY, it's less expensive and wherever we are, we enjoy it.
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