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  1. Currently have 1130 (A1 Aft) booked from Vancouver to Seward in 2020. Having just returned from a NCL Haven experience, the idea of the Retreat is quite tempting. The available Sky Suites are deck 6 which appear to have lifeboats just below. Starboard cabins are available (which is good because it is a Northbound itinerary). Is the Retreat a bonus for an Alaskan cruise? We won't be using the pools but may use the Retreat sundeck for viewing, if not from our balcony. We love Blu and I hear Luminae is great, but we can still eat in Blu if space is available. Would love to hear others' thought son advantages to suite vs AQ on Millennium, especially for this itinerary. Plusses for AQ - Aft cabin, Blue Plusses for Sky Suite - larger cabin, The Retreat, Luminae.... is it worth it to give up an aft?
  2. Forgot to come back and update this post. My TA was baffled but she called NCL and they fixed it immediately. Very strange error, but easy enough to fix.
  3. I got the same one. We really need to add middle names to the reservation???? Wow. Guess I will call my TA now and have her fix.
  4. Thanks everyone! After I posted I went back and checked my pictures from March and can clearly see them there!!!!
  5. We have a beach villa reserved on Harvest Caye. Last time we went, we brought towels from the ship but I seem to recall there were towels in the villa already. Can anyone confirm? I am the family sherpa and if I can pack less to carry off the ship, I will. I just don't want to get all the way down there and discover I need towels!!!
  6. Thanks! My family will be excited to hear that. Football & The District is going to make the hubby especially happy.
  7. We are on the Escape over Thanksgiving and want to catch some football games. Do they show football in the bars? Or should we get the streaming package and hook up our devices? Can we hook up Apple TV or something to watch it on the TV in the cabin?
  8. You are my hero!!!! Thank you for these!!!! Best post of the year!
  9. I do have time, and I figured (or at least hoped) it was an error. I was worried I missed the fine print somewhere and this was in fact the DSC for the DOS. I was happy with my cost to upgrade, but not if it was an extra $1k!!!! My TA is back tomorrow and I'm sure she will get it sorted out for me. Thanks for the help!
  10. It shows up in the pre-pay section. Here's what it says exactly. The convenience of pre-paying service charges allows you to plan your budget prior to your cruise giving you additional freedom while on board. A discretionary charge of $53.14 USD per person per day for all guests 3 years or older will automatically be added to your onboard account. Your service charges will total $1,488.00 USD for all guests, for your entire cruise. Guests sailing to Hawaii will be charged an additional 4.275% Pre Paid Service Charge GET Tax
  11. Yes, I think so but we are 4 people and the total was something like $1500!!!
  12. Thanks! I hope so. My OBC isn't showing up correctly either. Hopefully TA will fix tomorrow when she is back.
  13. We just upgraded to the DOS and I was looking through my confirmation. It is showing daily service charges of $53 per person per day?!?!?!?! I thought all suites were $18 pp/pd. Did I miss the fine print here? This is adding over $1,000 to our cruise and suddenly makes my upgrade not such a good deal. My TA is out until tomorrow so I won't hear back from her right away. Thought I would turn to my fellow CC'ers for answers. This is NOT about tipping the butler and the concierge.... I know that is separate (and extra). Why would my service charge be 300% higher in a DOS vs a 2BR Family Villa?
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