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    Scuba Diving

    we will be leaving soon for our cruise. My DH & I are both certified. We have about 40 dives each. I've probably seen 3 or 4 sharks total. You should go for it. We just got the 3 kids certified last year. We saw 1 shark in the Grand Caymans last year & we made 12 dives. They usually are pretty far away & most are nurse sharks which are not aggressive. I've also heard they don't like the smell of wetsuits.
  2. diveprincess

    anyone stayed in R746

    we are on the caribbean princess
  3. diveprincess

    anyone stayed in R746

    We don't even have a window we have 2 port holes. I'm worried being so close to the pool. I think we might cancel the trip because my husband doesn't want to be by the pool. If we were on the side no problem.
  4. diveprincess

    anyone stayed in R746

    Want to know if anyone has stayed in this room. Can you tell me anything about it. Noisy? too close to pool, stairs? engine vibration? thanks for any info.
  5. diveprincess

    anyone stayed in R746

    Has anyone stayed in Riviera 746? Is it by the pool? noisy? Any info would be great.
  6. diveprincess

    caribbean princess

    We've booked our cruise late & rooms are limited. I was given R746. I think it might be by the pool & I found out it has port holes instead of a window. there is nothing to upgrade to. Should I cancel my cruise or is the room ok?