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  1. so if we all have the hub app on our phones there is a chat feature? This will be our first cruise in a few years so have never used the app. Thank you
  2. Question... Will the wifi you get for the carnival hub app also work to send iphone text messages to other guests onboard or what wifi plan would we all need to purchase?
  3. Thank you so much for the idea and info. Thinking we will do the same thing. A nice resort pool, relaxation, and cocktails sounds like a perfect way to spend a hot day in Mexico.
  4. Loved the review, Thank you for posting. Question...When you booked the day pass for Westin, do you just get a taxi to the Westin or was it within walking distance?
  5. I have noticed the cdc color codes as well and have been keeping track. I think the wording "multiple" was why i was curious what passengers experienced and saw.
  6. Online there is an article reporting that multiple people contacted covid during this sailing. I hate to take the word of one passenger (that reported to an online outlet)and wondering if you noticed this as well or if there is any truth to it? I realize that there is probably going to be a few cases on any sailing as covid isn't going away anytime soon but just curious what you may have noticed. Also what you thought of the safety of the protocols. Thank you for any insight you may have.
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