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  1. TravelSteveR

    Breakaway Cagney's Menu

    Thanks for the clarification. Do you know when that change went into effect? Our last NCL Cruise was on the JADE in December 2015. We purchased the larger SDP and ate at all of the specialty restaurants. This time we got the 3-pack for free, and if what I have read correctly is true, we will get a dinner for 2 with wine at either Le Bistro or Cagney's via our welcome Platinum members envelope on day 1. I would use that for Cagney's and the SDP for Le Bistro, La Cucina, and Moderno. I know every ship is different but Teppanyaki on JADE was really bad, and I see it's still serving that bizarre green tea/cashew cake for dessert (we hated it as did everyone at our table/cooking station--I know Asian restaurants are not known for desserts, but there are only 2 choices: the weird cake or sliced fruit. Some ice cream would be nice. :-) ). We just did a cruise on Princess (CROWN PRINCESS to be exact), and the food was very different from NCL's.
  2. TravelSteveR

    Breakaway Cagney's Menu

    I am confused about something. We have taken 6 NCL cruises with the 7th booked for December. I just noticed that this menu has prices on it.In the past, when we''ve eaten at the speciality restaurants (Le Bistro, Cagney's, Moderno, Teppanyaki, and others), we just paid the cover price, typically $15 or $25. Has that system changed? We also took the speciality dining (3 dinners) as one of our perks and are Platinum members. If someone could point me to another post or explain how speciality dining is now, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance! Steve
  3. Did anyone record our performance? I know one of our choir members said her husband was going to, and I would like to see/hear it. Thanks! Steve
  4. TravelSteveR

    Breakfast question

    Was it the little packages? The reason I ask is because one time we were told it was on a buffet in one of the metal urns like the oatmeal, but it was actually grits, which is a southern staple.
  5. TravelSteveR

    Breakfast question

    This will be our first Princess cruise after many on Norwegian. I am curious about the breakfast too. We never do buffet. I saw one sample menu and noticed there was no Cream of Wheat hot cereal, only oatmeal. It's trivial, I know, but I don't like oatmeal. I wonder if I should take some packets with me and just ask for hot water in the restaurant .
  6. TravelSteveR

    Norovirus outbreak on the Crown

    There are these types of outbreaks in all manner of places--schools and daycare centers are especially susceptible. With all the issues that we now have to endure when travelling, I find the gloom and doom negative posts really off-putting. After going through a hurricane this year and sustaining damage to the house, and having our Labor Day trip cancelled, due to the same storm, I am really looking forward to our cruise. We take as many precautions as we can--Airborne, flu shots, hand sanitizer. . . unfortunately, not every passenger who signs that health questionnaire before boarding is honest about his or her health state, and not every crew member who is sick will stay in his or her quarters until well. The same is true in my and everyone else's workplace. I suffer from two auto-immune disorders, and due to their treatment, I am particularly susceptible; however, I don't hide in my home, and I don't pull a Debbie Downer. If I read and believed every negative comment I have read about cruising in general, Princess,and the Crown Princess, I would never get on a boat; instead, I approach everything with an open mind. Here's to a fun cruise on the Crown Princess and a much better 2018. Steve TravelSteveR
  7. This is our first time sailing on Princess after many years on NCL. My cruise-mate likes to get regular--not specialty--cups of coffee throughout the day. NCL has coffee urns with paper cups, stirrers, and cream and sugar on their ships usually around the Atrium, which is convenient compared to going to the buffet area just for coffee. Does the Crown Princess have a similar set-up, or does he need to go to the buffet? I searched on here and several other sites including Princess.com, but didn't fnd anything except posts about coffee cards, specialty coffees, and drinks included with the cruise fare. Thanks in advance. Steve
  8. The Breakaway is moving to New Orleans. The ports will be Cozumel, Harvest Cay, Belize City, and Costa Maya. It was originally Roatan, and NCL switched it when it changed the Gem to the Breakaway. I would prefer ROATAN since it is a docking port unlike Belize City, which is a tender port.
  9. I found accessible shore excursions for Antigua and St. Kitts, both of which are tour/beach combinations, which is what we wanted. The former is a private tour, and the latter is a group tour as far as I know. I rented a cabana in Grand Turk, so we have it covered as well, so we are set. Now I can start to think about next December's NCL Cruise that was switched from the Gem to the Breakaway.
  10. TravelSteveR

    Breakaway heading to New Orleans

    I called today after it was still showing I was on the Gem. I got it switched to the Breakaway--same category. I was unhappy because there are only two cabins like the one I want on the ship, and new bookings were being taken. I wish we were still going to Roatan, too. Belize City is a tender port--not good for people who use mobility chairs and scooters.
  11. TravelSteveR

    Breakaway heading to New Orleans

    I am on the December 16, 2018 and called today as it still shows I am on the Gem. I was told it had not been changed yet. :(
  12. TravelSteveR

    scooter rental at Fort Lauderdale?

    Specialneedsatsea was less expensive when I booked mine last week. Steve
  13. I had to leave a message, but I did talk to a tour company in Antigua and we are all set there, so now we have 2 out of 4 ports covered and, hopefully a third when I hear back about Grand Turk. Steve
  14. I saw that comment on the site, and it shouldn't be a problem. I will give them a call and report back. Steve
  15. The Grand Turk tour is from Accessible Caribbean Vacations. They were highly recommended on Trip Advisor. Steve