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  1. I was wondering this too. I called last Thursday to cancel our June 2021 Radiance sailing and was told they couldn’t cancel it until after July 20th (with zero explanation as to why), which I thought was odd. I do see the cancel option on my reservation though. Going to call today and try again but if I’m told they can’t do it then I’ll just cancel online.
  2. Cancelled our June 13th sailing at the end of February. Was told then 7-10 days. Called back on March 20th, told it was processed right away and to call my CC company to make sure they processed it. Called again March 28th was told then it was processed on the 23rd and should have it by April 23rd. That date came and went. Called again last week and was told up to 90 business days. I’ve received so many conflicting answers that I’m ready to dispute the charge, not sure I trust it was processed.
  3. Thanks! That's what I thought based on the pics of the ship. Wasn't sure if they then printed them for you or if you only received the digital image. Thank you for clarifying that.
  4. Hey there! Just wondering about Pixels on the Vista. Do you only get the digital print to print on your own? Or do you leave with hard copy prints in hand? Thanks!!!!
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