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  1. hi my dear Cruise Critic family ... happy holidays. 🙂 we need your help - please be so kind to advise: my mother and her friend are on board of NCL ship sailed out of NYC upon boarding they made a mistake and put their coats into cabin next to theirs as theirs was locked they went to eat upon return they found their expensive coats ~$2000 each to be missing 😕 new people inside the cabin said they do not know anything and were not permitted to check ... security was called ... and tried to mediate ... mediate my mom asked to review the CCTV but security said it is not that simple as it in US ... they sail and are governed under Bahama flag ... so somethibg prevents them from doing that ... they made a formal request in writing and are awaiting for a formal reply security / personnel sympathized with them and are trying to comfort them by saying do not worry, mayne they will turn up... but said that they are not able to search a cabin, but even if they did and found it they are not able to do anything under the law ... regulations .. restrictions ... legal aspect ... what would you do? what could be done? please be so kind to advise ... thank you ...
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