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  1. We will be arriving on the Celebrity Silhouette on September 3rd at 11:30am, and I am having difficulty finding any tours of the South Shore/Coast that are available for our mid-day arrival - most tours begin at 8am or 9am. I have found Golden Circle tours with availability but that would be my second choice. Any tips/names would be much appreciated!
  2. @John Bull Thank you so much for your prompt reply! It’s been a few years since our last cruise so I forgot how early we can get off of the ship, so I thank you for that note as well!
  3. Good evening everyone. Post-cruise I’m looking for transportation from Southampton to Heathrow (flying internationally) and considering National Express. The flight I wish to take is departing at 2:40pm. Would it be wise to take the 9:45am National Express that arrives at Heathrow at 12pm? Will I have enough time to make my flight?
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