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  1. We were also very disappointed with afternoon tea in the Queens Grill Lounge on QM2, although it did improve on the day that Peter Shanks was partaking of the event, when we were sat at the next table. Afternoon tea however on Queen Victoria in the Queens Grill Lounge was quite simply wonderful. Jackie :)
  2. I think you are quite correct with this Jim. We purchased OBC last year and were told by Cunard that is was refundable as we had purchased it ourselves. The non refundable credit is when it has been gifted by your TA or Cunard. Jackie :)
  3. You are not coming over as being arrogant or rude here. I can understand your concerns, but would honestly not become upset about it at all. You will find other places on board that you can enjoy a smoke, please don't allow the anti smoking brigade on here to upset you...if the truth be known and admitted, a lot of them have in the past indulged. We as smokers are all placed in the same pot....inconsiderate, which is most unfair as the vast majority of us are very considerate smokers. Look forward to your voyage and enjoy. Jackie :)
  4. Right about what. It would be helpful if you could explain please. Thank You.
  5. I fail to see what difference this would make by changing the name. This site is not the same as the one l quite happily joined some time ago, when one could expect good advice from seasoned cruisers. All we can expect now is consistent bickering and posts that appear to be point scoring in some circles....and when such posts don't suit they are immediately wiped...or in many cases locked. I really do feel sorry for folk who come on this board for genuiune guidance. This site has become a disgrace. Jackie
  6. We are due to join Queen Victoria later this year in Rome also. Rome Cabs have been highly recommended to us for the transfer from city to port, albeit more expensive than the train at around 130 euros one way. If you have a lot of luggage, taking the train can be rather stressful. We are intending to use White Star Luggage Service for this trip and send ahead....leaving us with minimal bags to actually travel with, but are still opting for a taxi transfer. Jackie :)
  7. Quite wonderfully put Peter, and very true. Jackie :)
  8. Sarah! You are making me giggle here....you remembered! I would say get it up NOW! It is never too soon! Apart from that it always makes the cruise appear to be somewhat closer than you think....in as much that you can see your clothes on that rail! ;) Oh...take no notice of the stupid threads on here...and don't believe everything you read either.:rolleyes: Honestly! Take Care Both Jackie :)
  9. Have to say that Afternoon Tea on board QM2 and QV leaves a lot to be desired these days. We recently took tea at the Chester Grosvenor.....quite simply wonderful...and very much reminded us of Queen Elizabeth 2. Jackie :)
  10. Edina, we were on the same cruise and quite agree with you. Having said that l am aware that Sandro is back in PG which pleases me more. Jackie :)
  11. I'm with those who see this as a good reason to stay at home at Christmas - although I note that this wasn't a Christmas cruise. Are they trying to tell us to avoid late November and the whole of December? It wouldn't have happened on QE2..... Excellently put. Thank You. Jackie :)
  12. Hello Sarah! Hope you are both well. It really is amazing how time flies. I can remember you booking this voyage! I know you really did love Queen Victoria when we met up on board last year and am sure you must be getting very excited about this next adventure on her. She is a lovely ship. Do hope you will write a review upon your return.....and if you have time in between and when on board....a blog! ;) We all love to hear the 'Live' from blogs. Above all, just have fun and enjoy. Jackie :)
  13. Pepper, it was indeed interesting to see the video and many thanks to trainman for taking the time to post the link. I do however tend to agree with you about the Christmas Cruises. I am surprised at Cunard for pulling such a stunt that one would only expect to see at Disney. Unfortunately we are not in a position to take a holiday over the Christmas period due to caring for elderly parents. But if this is the sort of experience we can expect on board a Cunarder then l am sorry but l would indeed have to bow out gracefully. Jackie :)
  14. Enjoy the trip Jim, enjoying your reports here! Jackie :)
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