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  1. We just used them for a tour in April. Many pros and cons. Pros: the jeeps were clean, they were easy to find. Jeeps were well stocked with cold water and drinks. Guides spoke excellent English and Cozumel locals who had lots of information. They took us to lunch, which was included, and it was delicious. (But we had to buy drinks, even water, and we were all hot and thirsty so we bought many!) We also loved driving so much of Cozumel. Cons: VERY rushed, especially at snorkeling when that was what we wanted to do most. At the end, since we don't drink, we skipped the tequila tour and instead they told us they were going to be SO kind and take us to their new family park for a chocolate tasting at no charge even though it's normally $19 a person. By this time we were all hot and sweaty and tired and they drove us to this fenced in area and proceeded to put on a Mayan show for us that no one wanted. I will say the tour guide at this new family park was WONDERFUL. If had been the beginning of the tour that would have been different perhaps, but we felt stuck and it was very uncomfortable. Also, a piece of obsidian that was used in a demonstration was misplaced and they made everyone turn out their pockets. We normally don't mind tipping but we were asked to tip constantly, probably at least a dozen times between the snorkeling and the Otoch park at the end. We tipped our two guides $70 at the end (and we'd paid $70 each for the tour) and they were upset about it and walked away cursing under their breath. It wasn't our worst experience but they won't be where I go next time I'm on Cozumel.
  2. That's a great idea @rjm11 - if I can't fit them in the suitcase that's exactly what I'll do! Thanks @Loucat - might seem like not a big deal, but for this kiddo it is! So I prepare!
  3. Thank you for answering! I guess I'll be looking for some to pack!
  4. We will be at Harvest Caye with many small children (14 to be exact!) and I know they'll want to build sand castles etc. My husband thinks they'll have pails and shovels etc on the beach but I think that's unlikely. Do they have sand toys? If not, can we purchase some there? I've packed everything else I'd really like to NOT pack sand toys!
  5. As far as flights, 24/26 of us on our upcoming cruise booked through Norwegian. (My son is stationed in the UK and didn't get the option, but he wishes he could have because his flights were expensive!) I am stoked with our flights. Ok, so the flights aren't great, it's a red eye, and my 8 year old will not sleep before hand, so we'll get to the ship with him having about 4 hours of sleep that night. But he'll recover, it was one less thing for me to do, and even paying for 2/3 tickets for my family we saved $500. I watched flights obsessively and couldn't find anything remotely close. Our flights back are in the evening, so we'll have to bop around Tampa for longer than I'd like, but whatever, we'll figure it out. My sister, with similar flights is NOT happy. She does not like a red eye, and she's on different flights than her husband. (They are traveling with five children, so have two rooms, and the different rooms have different flights on different airlines.) So I would say if you're picky about flights, and not a "go with the flow" type person, book on your own. These aren't the flights I would have picked, but I'm fine with it.
  6. We had planned on just taking an Uber over to the port, but it looks like those prices are all over the place. With so many of us would you suggest a shuttle instead? Any suggestions?
  7. We'll be spending the day at the beach on Harvest Caye with many (MANY) small children. They'd love to build sand castles etc. My husband thinks they'll probably have sand toys for the kids to use, but I think that's unlikely. Are there some for purchase? I'd rather not have to pack them!
  8. Oh, thanks, Norwegian which means Punta Lagosta according to my research!
  9. I have this same question - 18 people ages 4-45, non drinkers, we're the leftovers who aren't going to SCUBA. We already have an AI beach in Costa Maya and a private tour of Roatan so looking for something light and easy and not crazy expensive.
  10. We haven't cruised in nine very long years, we had a surprise baby and then COVID, but we'll be on the Norwegian Dawn on April 2nd. I booked a cruise for that week and then sent a text to my family and my husband's inviting them. Well, all of my in-laws decided to come! (Except the one with a newborn, which is sad, but she's worth it!) So now I'll be cruising with 26 of my favorite people and I'm a little anxious because NCL was my idea, so I want it to be amazing. I've always decorated doors for our family cruises, and I didn't think it was a huge deal, but I overheard my older nieces telling the younger ones about it how awesome the door decorations will be, so now it's something I want to do. Just want to make sure it's allowed before I spend the time doing it! I've found some places that say yes and some that say no. Any other tips? We're all non-drinkers, ages 4-66, all the adults have a handful of cruises under their belts. I'll take any advice!
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