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  1. Thank you for all the advice. It is very much appreciated!!!
  2. June 14th we are booked on the FOS out of San Juan. Our departure time is 8pm. We are flying into San Juan early in the morning on the 14th. My question is can we drop off our luggage at the port and enjoy San Juan prior to departure? If no, any suggestions on how we can get a little sight seeing done and take care of our luggage.
  3. Has anyone done both properties and could give me some feedback? Need help deciding which would be a better fit.
  4. Good Morning, Lately I have been very pleased to read a number of reviews which says Sorrento's pizza was good, some even say very good. The last time a cruised was June 2018 and the pizza, at best, tasted just as good as the frozen pizza I could get at the local grocery store. Does anyone know if they revamped the pizza? It would be great if they did:-)
  5. Interesting... I have been playing with the idea of taking the Freedom of the Seas in June of 2020. However, the cruise seems to not be listed any longer for the months of May, and June.... I wonder if they pushed back dry docking or possibly it could just be a glitch in the search engine I was using.
  6. Good Morning, We touch down in Ft. Lauderdale airport at approximately 7:30 am of the day of our cruise. We plan to uber to port of Miami which is where we sail out of. We definitely want to get to the port early, however, this may be just a tad too early;-) Any advice to how we can kill sometime keeping in mind we will have all of our luggage with us? I was kinda hoping there would be a plaza close to port with a grocery store (so we can pick up wine and odds and ends prior to the cruise) and a breakfast place to kill some time...
  7. Just starting to research options for our family cruise for the summer of 2020. Indy is one of the ships we are considering. Has it been revamped? If so what changes have been made?
  8. LOL!!! No, I am referring to booking, and what restaurants were included. I am hoping that hibachi is included, lunch embarkation is included, and basically if the specialty restaurant is open, regardless of lunch or dinner hours or sea or port days, the use of the package would be permitted. Also, if vintages was permitted would be awesome as well:-)
  9. Not sure when the new program was going to start, but has anyone had any experience with the unlimited dining package that they would like to share?
  10. I would LOVE to know the bed placement for our upcoming Symphony of the Seas cruise. We are room 8298. Any amazing individual know the placement for this cabin?
  11. I am in the process of researching the cruise and itinerary for our family's vacation for summer 2020. I have narrowed it down to Freedom of the Seas, which takes out of San Juan. I have two itineraries to choose from however, I am not familiar with all the ports so I was hoping I could get some advice/recommendations. First option is; St. Thomas, Bassetrre, St. John's, Castries, and Bridgetown. OR Oranjestad, Willemstad, Kralendijk, and Philipsburg. Thank you in advance for your help:-) Maddycakes
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