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  1. I am sorry but I think you should have gone with your first instinct on whether or not to post this. Everyone here have internet access, news access? Pretty sure that answer is yes. So I don't see the purpose of posting other than to stir the pot, no offense meant, truly. Let the investigators do their job and pray for the family. Let's not stir thing up but have some compassion in what is a very tragic situation.
  2. Ok, so I don't need to break out the little black dress and shawl for the concert! Welcome and final dinner - anyone dressing?
  3. Has anyone attended the optional concert in Vienna? Can you tell me the dress code? Thank you.
  4. Oh my so euros or possibly us dollars! ok, it looks like we need to be prepared for either. Thank you for your help.
  5. Very good, thank you. That's a big help. Do they provide envelopes or should I bring some note cards? I really do not want to just hand over cash. :) Though I am sure they don't care!
  6. In my Avalon docs is says tipping in cash preferred but credit cards accepted. It did not say what currency we should be tipping in. If tipping in cash do they present you with envelopes so you know who to tip, how much to tip?
  7. Yes, sadly everyone charges a fee! No matter where you buy. If you buy in the airport atm's there a fee for the service, a feel for the exchange rate, usually bank fees and then even card fees. The fees can get astronomical. Trying to compare the fee maze and take a good value with convenience so I don't have to spend precious travel time simply chasing small amounts of money!
  8. Thank you for the information. I can't honestly think I will need that much - taxi from pier to hotel, hotel to airport the day after. Tip money for baggage, misc spending money. I'll try our BofA in town. I don't have an account there so we'll see what they charge. What about tipping boat staff? I know it said they prefer to be tipped in cash but it did not say what currency to use? Did anyone attend the concert in Vienna? I was wondering about approrpriate dress? Less than two weeks to go and still putting together the last odds and ends! Appreciate the help!
  9. Would you mind if I asked how you handled the currency issue? Since the countries on this sail are not all on the Euro you have to have multiple sets of $$$. We usually hit the atm at the airport upon arrival and here, of course, sailing country to country, that will not be an issue. In an effort to avoid the high conversion and processing fees, I really don't want to use plastic for each purchase, plus there will be many instances where small bills would be useful, such as tipping, transport, etc. Thank you for your insight.
  10. I'd love to hear all about your experience. We plan to go in July.
  11. I have always used Ricky for my groups. Also he can do customized tours too. Just ask. You won't find a nicer guy and he really is a bottomless well of information!!
  12. KETCHIKAN ALASKA MISTY FJORDS & GLACIER TOURS Has anyone done the longer flight tour? I am trying to figure out if the additional $400 is really worth it or if we should just take the short 1.15 hour flight tour and do something else in town? Thank you in advance for your input.
  13. I am sure the mathematicians have calculated and assessed all the risks and have determined that this method is as safe as any other. They never make a policy change that would cause RCCL to be in a higher risk category. You are correct in that one can never predict which catastrophe would cause such an extreme action as to abandon ship and it's probable that some area of the ship, be it your cabin area or muster station would not be available to you. That's one reason why they have always had extra life vests at the muster stations. My issue is not with the process but in human behavior. People's worst side comes to the forefront in times of panic. We've all seen mass chaos where people are trampled, pushed out of the way so the strongest and most selfish get to the front of the pack. In a ship emergency, I don't foresee any slow orderly line heading to the muster stations and people politely standing there to receive a life vest on a first come first serve. That bothers me. In that respect I'd rather have the security of having the vest in my cabin and if your circumstances dictate you have to arrive at the muster station without it, there would be the extra vests available for you. But of course, I am not one of the risk calculating bean counters so I can only assume RCCL has taken this into consideration and calculations before changing their policy. It never ceases to amaze me how many people grumble about a tiny little thing like wearing your life vest for something that takes a few minutes out of your entire cruise. They must lead such magical and privileged lives to make such a big fuss over something that could make the difference in saving their own life. But then I have watched people hoard food from the Windjammer, on day one..... like they were expecting some big famine to hit over their sail dates... go figure human behavior. It always presents a conundrum.
  14. I appreciate the effort, but not quite what i was hoping for!! Can anyone tell me what classes they're offering???
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