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  1. Interesting that you mention an $18 drink package deal. When doing an NCL cruise (before COVID-19) doing the math for the unlimited free drink package (Pick 2 perk enticement), that perk came out to $18 a day in taxes.
  2. We've use Redweek.com (timeshare rental site) and TUG2.net (TUG is a timeshare users group) for timeshare rentals. I've probably done about a dozen rentals. On Redweek, we look as guests and just join for the nominal $10 or $15 (don't remember the fee) if we find something we want to rent. We don't own a timeshare and don't intend buy one (even on the resale market) - doesn't make sense for us (cash is king), but we love staying at these. Like another owner mentioned IMHO, rentals are a great value too. We've mostly rented in Orlando (but have done rentals in three other area too (Orlando
  3. I've been reading this thread for inspiration and travel ideas. Wasn't expecting to see Mackinac Island listed. We are going to Mackinac Island for the first time next week (I've never been) and am really looking forward to this. With all this COVID-19 stuff, I have mixed emotions about traveling, but decided to do some vs. none, but have cut way back. This will be our first trip since our cruise last February.
  4. Both DH and DS really don't like wearing masks. I WFH now, so don't have to wear them too often either. At this point we are most inclined to do trips that allow for enough social distancing that wearing masks is pretty rare.
  5. I probably won't cruise again and picked that choice. Given that, I'm really glad we were able to take such a lovely cruise on the Harmony in February this year (our adjoining large balcony cabins (three) were heavenly), and it was nice to end my cruising on a nice note. This "No more cruising" choice for me would have been the case even without COVID 19 as I'm really not that much of a cruise person, but given that my dad loved cruising (was one type of vacation he was still willing to do), DS loved cruising, and DH didn't mind cruising, seemed like a nice thing to do on occasio
  6. Boarding the Harmony Sunday. Six of us originally booked three cabins, now we will still use all three cabins, but one person (my dad 83) will be a no show. He has been feeling dizzy recently some days prior to getting out of bed and his doctor doesn't want him to take the risk and travel (Have insurance and doctor's note, so may get non-refundable part of fare back). Have travel insurance, but not with RCCL. My 24 year old son was going to be rooming with him and is still going, but will just have his own cabin now. Do we just do our check in as normal and not have him check in? Do we m
  7. I feel your pain OP. We are considering an Alaskan cruise too, but when adding up all the costs, I am not sure. Not only is the cruise itself expensive, but so are airfares for us even to the closer places like Seattle and Vancouver for a round trip fare. Fares aren't too bad off season, but cruise season around cruising (day before) and afternoon after (sky high). Also, excursions are pricey too -- If you are there, do what you'd want to do, but that whale watching trek, dog sledding, and then especially high that cool float plane excursion will set you back another $900 pp). If I do Ala
  8. Packing light and DH wondered if he could get away with just wearing jeans on formal nights with a button up. Or would you recommend throwing in a pair of dockers and dressier shoes? Thanks so much. We are packing for flight tomorrow, two nights in Orlando, and a cruise Sunday on the Harmony of the Seas. Can't wait.
  9. We are asking the same question for an Alaskan cruise, but would be booking a balcony with three adults in the room. We have DH and me and DS 24? I was thinking the Koningsdam as DS loves newer big ships with lots to do. Midweek doesn't work as well due to work schedules, but we could do it. What do you think? The Eurodam from Seattle (cheaper more direct airfare) is also a possibility, but we've been to Victoria many times before (sometimes staying for a whole week), and I thought maybe it would be worth it to spend more time in the inside passage and just fly to and from Vancouver. I'm
  10. Thanks John and LaLa. Sing a long sounds fun. I will have to check that out.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions LilBlackDress. When my mom and dad did an Oasis cruise my mom really liked the Central Park area and maybe I will too (I'll be fine as long as I'm not expecting Central Park in NYC, which I love). I am hoping they will open the dividers for us. Part of our getting two of the large balcony cabins, was to have a little more space for sitting out together in case they won't.
  12. Yeah. Last time I was there I was super impressed (totally enjoyed the visit). Back in the 90s I was disappointed and thought "Boy they could really learn a lot from their theme park neighbors and make this so much better" and IMHO they really did and have. Even though I'm really not into space, I absolutely loved visiting this place. I liked the historical perspective they did in the little film at the beginning too. I have relatives in the Orlando area and seem to get down to the area almost annually.
  13. Zipline sounds fun and we have done land based ziplining before. I'll definitely have to look into that. Didn't realize that this is available on the ship. Do you recommend this on a port vs. at sea days due to lines or doesn't it really matter? We will have to try mini-golf too (a fun activity with family). Have to say, though, for me surfing is way harder than it looks when I have tried it before (no natural ability here on that), so I will skip that. It's really cool, though, that they have that on the ship.
  14. Hello, Will be doing a cruise on the Harmony in another two weeks. This is my first RCCL cruise. Can you suggest fun activities that I might want to try on the cruise? (Are there talks you found interesting, games that you thought were fun, activities that were fun, etc. that maybe I might want try?) I'm not into sitting out in the sun, shopping, gambling, drinking or bar scene which sound like big time cruise activities. I think I will bring my Kindle and buy / download a bunch of books as a backup plan. A more typical vacation for me is going to a national park and exploring, goi
  15. Last time we were in St. Martin, we just took a cab over and back to Maho Beach. We had checked the plane schedule online (had done our own research) so knew what to expect and timed going over to hit the big planes on our own. Just used our own beach towels and only paid for cabs there and back. We did buy some snacks and sodas at the bar too. I actually loved the crowded atmosphere. Talked to some other really nice tourists into photography. They could see we were really into photography with all our different camera equipment. Had a great time taking photos of planes coming in with o
  16. OP here: Sounds like we will probably stay on EST on the cruise and that local times will be one hour later AST, based on what I am hearing from others on experiences on the Oasis class ships (many which don't do that many ports). I will definitely check the daily papers, etc. to be sure, knowing that this is up to the captain, and that many have been on RCCL cruises where time changes to local times are made.. Thanks for all the responses.
  17. Hello, We are taking out first RCCL cruise this February on the Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral. I have non ship tours booking in San Juan and St. Martin that are local time. Does the ship stay on EST for the entire cruise (e.g. says arrival in San Juan at 7 a.m. on cruise itinerary, and is that 7 a.m. EST meaning actually 8 a.m. San Juan time or Atlantic Standard time?)? Just want to do proper planning to show up for tours on time. Thanks so much?
  18. I just filled out the pre-boarding info for a Feb. cruise for our party. The earliest check in time I could get was 1-1:30 p.m. We have to leave our condo in Orlando at 10, and are planning to take an uber over at check out, so should be at Port Canaveral around 11:15 a.m. (maybe later based on traffic). Is that an issue? Do I need to find something for us to do to fill an hour and 45 minutes? Or are these check in times just something random that you aren't held to? (First time on RCCL). We've always had earlier check in times on other cruises and cruise lines.
  19. For St. Maarten we just took a cab ride over to Maho Beach and had fun watching the planes coming in right over us (waving to the pilots and them waving back to us), almost feeling like we were being blown over, video recording them with a go pro, chatting with the other people, taking a dip, and grabbing snacks and drinks at the bar there. It for me is one of my very favorite Caribbean experiences ever. DS used to take some flying lessons, so I imagine that family interest in aviation and this being a favorite place to fly as a kid with flight simulators might have influenced how much fun w
  20. Thanks for the post. It's a good reminder to all of us that ports can change due to weather and to just go with the flow (be happy for a break from work / normal routine and time with family and keep it at that). Most of our party would not mind the least if on our upcoming cruise Coco Cay was skipped, but DS 24 would be disappointed. I got tickets for the waterpark for me and him. DH and the other people passed on the waterpark and may just stay on the ship at this port. We let DS pick the cruise, and the stop at Coco Cay is one of his reasons for picking this particular cruise/itinera
  21. Would you watch the movie with your kids or be comfortable with your kids watching the movie? I think that is your answer. The movie, Grease, is certainly not High School Musical. The movie Grease is PG-13. High School Musical 3 by contrast, the only one that started in theatres is rated G and is more my style lol.
  22. For us, as we have done some full week trips to San Juan, as a cruise stop it's more or less been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (a day is nothing like a full week trip), and it wouldn't be upsetting to me to have another sea day or a different stop. It sounds like our Feb. 2020 Harmony cruise will still stop there, though, and that's great as we booked an Old San Juan walking tour, something we haven't done before (previously our exploration of Old San Juan has just been on our own) and we've stayed in Old San Juan before too. I don't know if it's just my imagination or not, but the l
  23. I wanted traditional seating early dining on the Harmony and interestingly enough even booking the cruise nine months in advance they would not give me an early time and put me on a wait list for that. They said only my time dining and late dining were available. I picked my time and asked to be wait listed for traditional early. Two months later my godparents booked the same cruise and were able to get early dining right away (They went thru a travel agent). I called RCCL and was then able to get our party moved to early dining and seated with them. They did not, though, move me without
  24. Thanks so much for all the responses! We will talk to staff about dad's needs, bring our transport chair, get there early, and return later after the masses. I will call Royal Caribbean in advance too.
  25. Hi, We are delighted to be traveling with my dad (83) who has limited mobility on the Harmony early February. He'll be getting assistance on the ship. I'm bringing a transport chair for our getting off the ship to make a flight at 11:50 a.m. (doing the self assist method to get off the boat). His preference while on board is to walk to everything, just resting when he needs to. He is staying in one of the hump ocean view balconies and really likes sitting out. I am wondering, though, about the muster drill and if there is anything you would recommend that we can do to make th
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