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  1. I don't usually get insurance until final payment, but that's because deposits have always been refundable (been 4 years since last cruise) so I didn't have to worry. By that time tho, "any reason" is no longer available on the insurance, so will need to think how much of a gamble I want to take. Deposit is transferable to another cruise if we do have to cancel, so that makes non-refundable look even better.
  2. I just booked for April 2021, there was an option to pay $76 for a refundable deposit, which at first, since it's 2 years away, I thought was a good idea, but then I thought I would only lose another $24 if I have to cancel. If all goes as planned tho', I will have an extra $76 in my pocket to spend if I choose non refundable, so now I don't think I'll pay for it.
  3. It's been awhile since I've been on here and searching seems to be a little different, I used to be able to find info on cabins much easier. If someone could tell me the best way to find it then I won't start new topics. Thx! What I am looking at, both cabins are "spacious" but on the deck plan 7400 is the same length as the other balconies and 7402 is shorter, just wonder what the difference is, if there is one?
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