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  1. I’m not sure how they’re not being honest? I’m on the 6/10 sailing and got a message in myNCL last night that our cruise (and all future cruises) are being re-routed and there will be more details when they have them. You should have a message also.
  2. I hope NCL takes their cue from RCCL and offers something. Honestly, still happy to be going on vacation, and any cruise is better than no cruise, but I am very sad to be missing Cuba, especially for a port that I’ve been to multiple times on a ship that o would not have picked if it hadn’t been for the itinerary. Obviously I understand that it’s out of NCL’s control and that poets are always subject to change, but some sort of feature would be nice. I leave Monday, so I’m just waiting to see where I’m headed.
  3. Anything under $15 is included. Anything over $15 is still included, but you pay the difference over $15. Drink of the day is usually $8 or $9, so they’re always included, but the drink of the day is just a drink off the evilest cocktail menu at a reduced price for that day.
  4. I’m on the same cruise. We booked last week, and got our cabin assignment on Sunday. It really could be any time between now and when you get to the ship, but mine took about 5 days.
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