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    Urgent cruise compas & menus needed

    Add the people who are UNHELPFUL to your ignore list. Then you won’t see anymore of their useless posts and your CC experience will be better. Happy to say that a couple of comments on this thread were already hidden from my view because these users posted enough nonsense for which I previously decided to block them 😜
  2. WestCoastCruiser123

    Glow Party on Escape - age limit?

    There’s no age limit. I was on getaway last week, ppl had sleeping babies and toddlers at the party. Come on... it was after 11pm. Please put those sleeping kiddos to bed instead of holding them while you danced. Definitely a fun time for all. Kids club even gets the kids painted up for the festivities.
  3. WestCoastCruiser123

    Are kids allowed in the main pool on NCL Getaway

    Kids cannot go in the main pool by the stage. You can sit in between both pools to still hear the band and activities but also be close to the splash area.
  4. WestCoastCruiser123

    NCL Getaway, Dec 6 (Caribbean)

    geoGirl -that stinks. Sorry you couldn’t get your preferred times.
  5. WestCoastCruiser123

    NCL Getaway, Dec 6 (Caribbean)

    Not true. Not all reservation times are released online. You can make reservations for almost any time you want as soon as you board.
  6. WestCoastCruiser123

    Transportation to Brickell

    Good to know I won’t be driving around in circles during the day. I’ll take my car since that will make my plans easier for the rest of the day.
  7. WestCoastCruiser123

    Transportation to Brickell

    Thanks everyone for all your replies. I will try one of the garages or street parking. Hopefully it won't be too bad as I will be there early Friday and then heading north towards FLL. I would definitely try uber if it was a Thurs-Sat night. Sounds horrible.
  8. WestCoastCruiser123

    Transportation to Brickell

    I will have a rental car and I'm staying near MIA. Is it easier to take public transportation to spend some time in Brickell or just take the car and find parking for a decent rate? Any parking or transportation suggestions? Thanks!
  9. WestCoastCruiser123

    Live from the Bliss - TA 4/21/18

    Just adding to the general concensus that your live thread was great! I’m actually sad it’s over because I’ve enjoyed catching up with our bliss cruisers to see what everyone was up to that day. Sorry your thread got side tracked a bit. Enjoy your last night.
  10. WestCoastCruiser123

    Live from Bliss TA

    Love it! Enjoying all three live reports at once. I’m cruising vicariously this week through you.
  11. WestCoastCruiser123

    Norwegian Joy

    Please take a look at the joy’s pool deck before you criticize me. You don’t know me at all to pass an incorrect judgement.
  12. WestCoastCruiser123

    Norwegian Joy

    And I doubt they would be able to “Americanize” that pool deck. That’s why I would never sail that ship.
  13. WestCoastCruiser123

    Hanukkah and Holiday Decorations on NCL Bliss

    Ncl usually has a menorah at the guest service desk for the nights of Chanukah. Now don’t expect it to always be lit for the right number of nights. But they did at least have one. I didn’t see anything in terms of decor except for that on display for Chanukah.
  14. WestCoastCruiser123

    Dancing ....nightlife on the Escape?

    This was my biggest complaint on escape. Not enough dancing music and venues. There is not a dedicated night club and at midnight we’d go to the lounge in the casino but they’d still be playing Latin music. I only enjoyed dancing at glow. The lack of dance music would keep me from booking escape again. I found myself going to bed earlier than normal this cruise.
  15. WestCoastCruiser123

    Escape-Live/Solo-"The Redemption"-12/02-09/2017...

    I just got off today 12/2. Brat pack was supposedly a new cast just starting my week. After midnight (I didn’t see), fly boys (just started this week. I only saw them in howl), and some comedy acts. Sid - did I miss anything?