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  1. I have used both over the years on 12+ cruises. I dont like the patch as much-- it gives you drugs in your system even when you are on the land for a day or even when there is calm seas, and there was the dry mouth issue with the patch. So I think taking the pill is better. As for rough seas, we were on a cruise when we were trying to conceive -- so I was off the meclizine and the patch and you know what? After you get started, pleasure overcomes the motion sickness. Talk about motion of the ocean. LOL!!
  2. Just for a minute - pretend that you are on a CRUISE SHIP and not in the Sheraton in Topeka, Kansas. There it would be tacky. TIPPING is never Tacky for cruise ship staff-- these people are from third world nations, and they get stiffed all the time by rich Americans. No- it is certainly NOT tacky. I just try to be as gracious as I can when I ask for some ice or what have you from my Steward, and when he delivers, I tip him--$10.00 is usually what we give the cabin attendant. OUR ICE BUCKET HAS NEVER BEEN EMPTY. If we have received a bottle of bubbly, it is constantly on ice, even if we don't drink it for the first 3 or 4 days. Just my opinion
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