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  1. I just checked my previously printed luggage tags and boarding passes, and they both say Platinum or Priority. When I look at the ones on the Carnival site, they do not. No priority, no Platinum. They say N. What IS going on?:confused: This cruise is scheduled for the end of January on the Victory.
  2. We asked our room steward for one and it stayed in our room for the whole cruise. It worked fine too..
  3. I have been in a Cove balcony a few times and never had the doors closed on us. The weather was never severe, but we did have a few choppy days. I loved the Coves and when they are available, I will always choose them.
  4. Thank you so much for this fantastic review. I so appreciate all of you that give such wonderful informative reviews. I will be on this ship on December 11th and am looking forward to sailing her again. Thanks again….
  5. Thank you so much for this fantastic review. It is truly one of the best that I have ever read. Your pictures were great too!
  6. The last time we were in the Steakhouse on the first night, I got the "free" bottle of wine and I also paid half price for a bottle of wine that I brought with me back to our room. It was definitely worth it at half price.
  7. Fantastic Review! I am on her tomorrow. Don't know for sure where we will be going, but the main thing is that we are going. Thank you for your great review. I'll check back later to see if there is any more to read…..
  8. Thanks for the review! That is the same itinerary that we will have in January. Really looking forward to it now. By the way, had a good chuckle with your "Happy" and "Sad" photos. Great looking couple.
  9. You sound like my kind of cruiser! Love it so far. I will be on this ship in January and am looking forward to the rest of the review.
  10. Great review and great pictures! Helps me have a sense for my cruise on October 2nd to Bermuda.
  11. If you book it on the ship you will get the $100 OBC. So, why not?
  12. Thank you so much for this review. It is wonderful. We will be sailing on the Sunshine on October 2nd to Bermuda and are so happy that you were pleased with the ship.
  13. The dress code in the Steakhouse always goes along with the dress code in the MDR.
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