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  1. 10... whoa! I'm on Bellissima week after next and have requested late sitting and have done without issue on each previous cruise however 10 feels late even for me (was expecting 9pm) - are all the MSC ships different WRT dining times and times can change cruise-cruise?! claire
  2. Hi all, its DH 40th birthday during our cruise. I've already prebooked/paid for a birthday cake that is showing on my MSC account. Is it worth letting them know directly in advance? Letting our cabin steward know once onboard.... Or not?! I'm not 'yacht club' or 'black card' or a repeat MSC cruiser for info - so I'm guessing its not really worth it? It annoys me how a couple of girlfriends have just landed in Mallorca at a relatively standard hotel and they're welcomed with a bottle of chilled fizz in the room all for a non-milestone birthday that was actually a week ago, so wondered
  3. Hi, not got a lot of weight in luggage so trying to put together a rough outfit plan around the laundry package I have purchased- on a 7 nighter from Barcelona (on Bellissima) that visits Marseille (night # 2), Genoa (night #3), Naples (night # 4), Messina #5 & Valetta # 6 - with Barcelona being my first night, which night does the 'White party' happen? would be also quite interested to learn of the 'elegant' night too please. thanks in advance, Claire
  4. hi - is this true on Bellissima, in Europe, in MDR, with Fantastica 'class'? I'm reading so many different things: pitchers/jugs of iced water in MDR or none at all - you have to pay for all water (unless you have a drinks package)....
  5. Thanks for the review. I have an MDR water question - we are fantastica (Bellissima next month but likely the same system) - I read a couple of threads up on the MSC board that iced tap water is given in a 'pitcher' at dinner - is this the case? Also thinking about a drinks package and maybe even now dropping down to the Easy package - was the 'sweet sparkling' OK? was there just the one choice of sparkling? any choice on red/white/rose wines? thanks!
  6. yes, interesting - the first thing I did was check your location. If they all have to go at the same time that's no problem - I'd rather know if they can go early on in the cruise, if anybody knows? Thanks for your reply
  7. Hi, never done a laundry package on a cruise before. I'm mainly interested in this service for ironing clean items in advance of wearing them after unpacking at the start of the cruise. The wording is below - they key word to query being "last". I ask: does this mean all 20 items have to go towards the end of the cruise or can I send 4 items on 5 separate occasions for example, during my week-long cruise? "Max 20 items per cabin.Ideal for a seven-day cruise. This service enables you and the other occupants of your cabin to have your garments washed and ironed at any time during the
  8. Thank you for replies so far. I’m looking at an Intercity leaving Rapello at 3pm for an all-aboard time in Genoa of 4pm- it’s showing the train taking 36 minutes. Claire
  9. Hi, due in Genoa for a port day on a Sunday in September and have all the options to get to/from Portofino by train & boat (going with an Intercity 3pm from Rapello taking 36 minutes). I am a very organised person (early for my own wedding) but I'm asking as I'd like to learn of experience on how reliable the Italian 'Intercity' trains are (especially with it being a Sunday). I do plan on arriving back at the train station some 25 minutes before my all-aboard time with the dock being a short walk... Any thoughts and experiences are welcome please. Claire
  10. Hi, due in Genoa for a port day on a Sunday in September and have all the options to get to/from Portofino by train & boat. My main question is how lenient/strict are MSC with their all-aboard (AA) times? On my itinerary it says sail time 5pm and all-aboard 4pm. On 8 previous cruises usually pax AA time has been 30 mins before sailaway with crew AA 1 hour before. I am a very organised person (I was early for my own wedding) but the reason I'm asking I suppose is coming down to the train times back to Genoa and how reliable their trains are (especially with it being a Sunday). I do plan on
  11. H, on my cruise personaliser there is the option to book a package of restaurants in advance. Can I just book the one once I am on board instead? I only really want to go to the steakhouse.... (or, is the MDR food that bad [read scary reviews on another section of cruisecritic] about really bad food, food poisoning, people going hungry meaning the extra-charge restaurants are sought after)... Thanks in advance for any info. Claire
  12. Good morning. First thing - is anybody experiencing technical issues with MSC UK site and accessing their booking online? I have accessed my booking lately several times without issue by entering my name and booking # onto their website (the left hand side) and been able to add extras to my booking successfully in this way so far. Also via the app on my smartphone. Today I wanted to look at excursions etc so tried several times without success to enter the site or my app this way so attempted to 'register' on their site inputting an email address etc for the final process to say words to the e
  13. Does anybody know how long the journey is roughly from Naples to Sorrento by this ferry service? thanks!
  14. Hi, first time on MSC (Bellissima) – so excited! Its DH special birthday while onboard so want to be as carefree as possible. We’re interested in the premium package and working out our likely quota per day per person if this will be better value for us. If I go without the package:- do MSC add 20% service charge on to individually purchased drinks on the ship? If I go with:- does the 20% get added anyway on if you have a package? If I buy the package now in advance will the price likely change in advance of the cruise (September)? (guessing highly likely no). Does the price of the p
  15. This is very helpful for planning purposes - thank you Beamafar :-)
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