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  1. If you go to Tesco at all, the curreny kiosks usually have dollar bills in stock, I just pick up a few each time I go shopping :)
  2. I have been wondering if this may have something to do with the way that Italy now has criminal corporate liability, where the directors (or directing minds) of the firm may also be held responsible in certian circumstances. This includes a potential charge of corperate manslaughter.
  3. Looks like Costa are throwing the captin under the bus so to speak, even before the full evidence is in. If there was a habit of buzzing the island, then one also has to wonder about the corporate cultre that allowed this to continue.
  4. Where have you seen them? This is the only one I could find, taken as she was going down. You have to scroll down to the bottom, and at that stage it does not look like any (or many) have been deployed, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086831/Costa-Concordia-accident-Pictures-cruise-ship-sinking-coast-Italy-Titanic-like-scene.html
  5. I am not trying to argue with you because I don't know, but how can you count the number of lifeboats away from the side of the ship that is under the water?
  6. A single ship sinking can and has caused a line to 'close down', look up Hereld of Free Enterprise and the lone Townsend Thorson, it is now part of P&O. A much greater loss of life, and faster sinking that was 100% human error. It was decided that the wiodescalereporting of the disaster, with the ship on its side created such a negative image that the firm would not survive without a major change. They adopted the parent company name. Also, there is the potential for corperate liabity in Itlay as well as personal liability. http://www.ethikospublication.com/html/italy.html
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086527/Costa-Concordia-accident-Pictures-cruise-ship-sinking-coast-Italy-Titanic-like-scene.html
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16561904 Now it is stated divers aere scouring the wrek and there are 70 people unaccounted for :(
  9. The problem with the debit cards is not so much the holds, it is when they charge it at the end of the wekk they do not put the charge agisnt the preauthorised holds, so effectivley you have double the amount of funds used tied up.
  10. A few of Gerainger View from the balcony when anchored On the way up to the mountains We took the trip up to Mount Dalsnibba, it was the first day open after the winter so it was rather snowy still, it will prob be much clearer when you go frozen lake On the way out of the fjiord
  11. We did the same cruise in May, it was great. There is info more on the destinaion board. On the sea days there is not a lot to see as you are far from land, although there are some coast lines at times. But when you sail into and out of Gerainger it is worth making sure you are near a balcony or wonderful, it is amazing, it takes a couple of hours in and out. We were lucky enough to have an aft balcony, and it was a stunning few hours. We enjoyed it so much we want to go back and do the cruise into the artic circle cruise next year. At Bergen the walk into town is quite short, about 10 mins, and is easy. There is also a tourist bus that stops right by the ship, you will see it when you get off. The ship tours are rather limited, so that may be a gopd option. If you like seafood, get some lunch at the fish market. However, Norway is expensive. Here are a few photos Burgen The old town Fish market
  12. You can pay what you want, but if you choose to prepay or pay them automatically it will be the new rate.
  13. When we were on Vision a few weeks ago, a senior member of the staff said thet they were getting upgrades in in 2013 and it included a Chops, but they were not sure were it was going to go. There did seem to be a karge conference facility on board that was distinctly under utlised on our crusie, maybe that is a possible venue.
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