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  1. Thank you for your responses! Cruise critic members are the best for all travel planning!
  2. We are planning to spend 3 nights in Helsinki before the Russian river cruise and need recommendations for a hotel. We don’t want an airport hotel and I am having trouble figuring out the lay of the land. We want to do the hop on hop off and take a ferry to Tallin. Price is a consideration. Thank you
  3. Thank you to all who responded! Now I know I need a splash pad and the 1 year old cannot use a pool. I like the idea of the Anthem with activities different from the Allure for the older kids. I will have to research any ships closer to the Caribbean that may offer something similar.
  4. We, the grandparents, will be taking our two sons, DIL’s, and grandchildren on a cruise over Christmas holidays. The grandchildren are ages 14, 13, 3 and 1. We have been on the allure with the two older ones and that was great. I am concerned with the younger ones. Mostly interested in appropriate water/swim activities on board. Not interested in the organized children groups. Looking at oasis with the new water slides for the older ones , but not sure what is available for the younger ones. Maybe Carnival? TIA
  5. Thank you,4cordelia, for your area specific information, encouragement, and well wishes! We leave in three days!! Like you, I will now turn to cruise critic first when planning any type of trip!
  6. I can’t thank both MAVIP and Ine enough for your responses. We are on a land tour and added extra days in Amsterdam on our own. I did not research the location of the hotel prior to booking and now realize we are a distance from the central of the city. I did email our hotel regarding transportation with no response. Cruise critic has always been invaluable in planning for a cruise, but really did not expect to receive such detailed information for an area so far from the airport and cruise port. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  7. We will be staying at the Amsterdam Hilton in the museum district. Is there a hop on hop off that starts nearby? Or what kind of public transportation would be recommended? Thank you
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