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  1. I don’t mind the AI and I just augment it with the Elite+ perks. Never went to the 5-7 cocktail hour because 1) we were not enamoured with the included drinks and 2) we do early seating for dinner so we only had about 45 min. so for years we booked cruises where the classic pkg was offered then upgraded to Premium. Have the drink package let us have drinks at anytime of the day. we pretty much take advantage of all these perks 🙂
  2. The 2 pax were Travel Agents (female) sharing a cabin 🙄
  3. I think only people who were confined for a couple of hours were the ones resulting from the contact tracing Re the Barbados’s tour. There was no charge for testing and the ones that were confined had free stream wifi, free movies and were delivered a bottle of sparking wine and goodies.
  4. If the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 99% that means 1 in 100 could get it. How many pax on the ship? I think they handled it well, contact traced, isolated and re tested everyone. Just the two because everyone they came in contact with were vaccinated.
  5. When you book you can say you won’t be vaccinated and they would add you to the booked 5% along with the children of vaxxed pax. The variable is the pax that say they are not vaxxed but will be by sailing. At this point they are put in the 95% subject to providing proof at port. it’s these people that are the unknown. If for sone reason they do not get vaxxed they get moved from the 95% to the 5%. But what if at that point the 5% is at capacity? I guess that’s why the X rep said that people in this situation shroud get to the pier check in as early as possible.
  6. https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/vaccines/emergency-use-authorization-vaccines-explained
  7. What they did on the Millennium sailing was at checkin (if you agreed to provide proof of vaccine) was they scanned your vaccine certificate and neg PCR test. I would assume that would be loaded onto your seapass card.
  8. Did you tell the agent you were vaccinated or that you weren’t ? If you said no and were not intending to get vaxxed they would have put you in the 5%. the problem may arise if some person/group said they were not vaxxed but intended to do before the cruise. In that case they are now out of the 95% and into the 5% group. If that is “full”. They may be out of luck. This “solution “ is only applicable to cruises out of Florida. The other itineraries such as Alaska out of Seattle will be the regular vaccine required for all eligible pax Things could change a lot b
  9. Celebrity has different protocol for Florida. When a client calls to book a cruise out of FL they are asked if they are vaxxed or intend to be vaxxed before check in. and would volunteer proof at port check in. If they say yes a notation is made on their booking. This booking will be part of the 95% if the response is no or if there is a refusal to give that information there is a notation made on their booking. At the port they would be directed to a different section to undergo more screening ($) and then further restrictions on board. These pax are in the 5%. th
  10. The daily case count for Texas on June 8 was almost 4,000. The whole country of Canada repotted 1,400.
  11. There are ships heading to Seattle for the Alaska season I don’t know how many but they might be the missing ones.
  12. Royal is “recommending” vaccinations for cruises departing from Florida. The ships that are leaving from Seattle for Alaska do require pax to be vaccinated. https://www.seattletimes.com/life/travel/royal-caribbean-wont-require-vaccinations-on-u-s-cruises-except-in-seattle-bahamas/
  13. Celebrity Millennium is doing a revenue cruise because the CDC has 2 options 1) do rest cruises with volunteers to rest their Covid plan and then submit it for approval. 2) Skip the test cruise and go to a revenue cruise but must have 95% ox vaxxed Rpyal has decided to allow vaxxed and unvaxed people aboard. That’s why they are doing test cruises right now. From talking to them today they plan on keeping it that way for the near future.
  14. Celebrity is cruising under CDC guidelines 95% vaxxed pax. When you book they will ask if you have the shot and then you have to produce the original certificate upon check in at the port One on board, no masks, no distancing and tour ports on your own.
  15. Captains Club said it was asked when booking. For already booked cruises I would imagine they would reach out to confirm. They need to track the percentages
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