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  1. We have not received our fare refund yet, however we received a refund of our excurions and OBC.
  2. HAL offered to assist with hotels. They said that they could not assist with rebooking flights not made via them, however they would be covering any change fees resulting from the event. They provided a form for those onboard. I am not certain how this works with trip insurance, though. We diverted to Deerfield for a few days but used Hilton points, so I am not certain if that is something we can claim.
  3. Per the letter they distributed to us as we disembarked, a 100% refund of our cruise, a future cruise credit equivalent to 100% of our cruise cost, plus a zeroing out of all onboard accounts for our time onboard. We have not yet seen the refund hit our account yet.
  4. We spoke with someone from a group that moved to Kdam. They were getting married so HAL got them moved.
  5. I can say that we don’t have animosity towards HAL over this. Such is life. They also are zeroing our all onboard accounts, so this is a major financial hit to them.
  6. The latest announcement is that approval has not yet been granted yet so we are still waiting on that. If they don’t have an answer by 2pm they will be cancelling the voyage will begin disembarkation.
  7. On board and there was just an announcement that we won’t be leaving until tomorrow morning, most likely.
  8. We are onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam for today’s sailing. The captain just announced that due to a technical issue we won’t be leaving on time. No ETA on sailing currently. Assuming worst case, what is the Standard Operating Procedure in this case?
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