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  1. WhirledKruzer

    Real Ale

    Try a Cunard ship. They always have a good to great selection of draft and bottle beer/ale/IPA in the Golden Lion Pub. If they offer a beer tasting with a food pairing, sign up as soon as you can. The seats good fast
  2. WhirledKruzer

    Ironing Board in Guest Laundry on Royal

    Even have ironing boards for left handed passengers.
  3. WhirledKruzer

    QE & QM2 on Sydney Harbour

    It was a pleasure to be in the middle of both meetings.
  4. WhirledKruzer

    Questions about QV now in warmer waters

    Just finished our San Francisco to Sydney segment. As for temperature, I found it comfortable, my wife found it a bit cool. Dress code on formal nights, most people in the Chart Room were in formal attire at 5:00. I know because I walked through at 5:30 in casual attire. The Queen Victoria also has the harp or string quartet on formal nights. The laundries seem to be locked between 10:00 PM and 7:30 AM, however one individual unlocks all the laundries and it takes a few minutes to work his way between deck 4 and deck 8. I found them unlocked before 7:30 AM on several decks. Before Sydney, they ran out of packets and switched to powder. Not sure if the submarine resupply has brought more packets.
  5. WhirledKruzer

    Bucket of Beer?

    Took the Rotterdam around Cape Horn a couple of weeks ago. Could not get a dark beer or ale. Nothing on board. I really wanted a Guiness Stout. Next time, I'll go Cunard. They have a lovely selection of draft beers.
  6. WhirledKruzer

    Overweight Baggage Charge

    This is a final entry for this thread. We had simular arrangements and results as arzz except for the final flight from Lima to Santiago. After waiting longer than I though necexssary, Holland America applied a shipboard credit to all the individuals involved. We are back to having a happy cruise.
  7. WhirledKruzer

    Overweight Baggage Charge

    HAL provided the information about 30 kilogram weight limit from Lima to Santiago. They also put a disclaimer that things could change. Our Lima Tour guide gave us a hint that there could be problems. HAL did not provide any information on which airlines we were booked on or the flight numbers. We had no way to check on the internet for the latest information. There were 32 of us on the tour and were charged a total of 3142 dollars for overweight baggage.
  8. WhirledKruzer

    Overweight Baggage Charge

    We took a Holland America Lines pre-cruise to Machu Picchu. We were booked on a flight on LAN airlines between Lima. Peru and Santiago, Chile. Prior to the trip, we were advised that there was a 30 kilogram baggage limit, about 66 pounds. When we reached the airport, we were told the baggage limit was 20 kilos and overweight baggage would be charged at the rate of eight dollars a kilo. Has anyone else had a similar problem? The pre-cruise was prior to a South America cruise on the Rotterdam.
  9. WhirledKruzer

    Queen Victoria's Bridge Cam

    One of the best pictures of the day. My complements to the bridge crew for their camera work. Al
  10. WhirledKruzer

    Three Queen Tandem Sailing?

    On the 2007 QE2 World Cruise, between Durban and Cape Town, Captain Perkins decided to arrive at Cape Town six hours early. During part of that segment, the QE2 was running at 31.5 knots. At least, that was what the TV was showing. She rides just as well at 31.5 knots as at any other speed. :D